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Path of Awakening Retreat level 1 & 2 – 10-day

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Date 9 Aug 2021 until 18 Aug 2021

Start on first day at 20:30

Finish on last day at 13:00

On the coast of

Country Russia

There are many levels of walking the path of our live. We can walk asleep or we can
walk awake. While asleep, it might feel save and cosy, but we live at the minimum of our capacity to perceive this existence. Which means we miss a true connection with the Beauty of love, of consciousness, of nature but most of all of with ourselves. We live encapsulated in a bubble of judgment, of separation and of emotional patterns such as jealousy, anger, greed, fear… which blinds us and restricts our unity with everything that can fulfill us.

The Path of Awakening proposes methods, situations and rituals based on the Tantra Kaula Heart of All, the Colibri Medicine and The Five Circles Path. It enables to awakening our perception, communion and relationship with body, heart, consciousness but also with mother nature; the sky, stars, trees, animals, and our human family…

In this Awakening, we enter the harmonious and fulfilling Circle of Giving and Receiving. This dissolves the sense of separation, and we align to the Vertical Dimension of Existence where we plug into the forces of evolution that support us to achieve our destiny with great creative joy.

This Intensive Retreat of the Path of Awakening is a deep dive into all the energy forces available to us to wake up, to evolve and to expand into the infinite love and creation of the Great Mystery. It offers a ground where we can re-route towards sanity, honesty, authenticity, humbleness, consciousness, love and creativity. We explore all the facets of the life force in our body from sexual to blissful frequencies. This Path is taking you through all the colors of the Rainbow of Life and to experience and evolve on all dimensions of Existence.

In this Intensive Retreat we will explore the Level one and two of the Path of Awakening:

Level one: Orgasmic Body
– Unfolding your natural orgasmic body state
– Letting go of fear restricting deep pleasure
– Reviving the Sacred within
– Opening to orgasmic breathing
– Understanding mind-heart-body function
– Opening up your life to nourishing bodily relationships with yourself and others

Level two: Female-Male Orgasms
– Stepping out of immature female and male attitudes
– Connecting to nurturing feminine and male forces
– Learning about male and female sexual energy and body
– Regaining your full capacity for orgasm if you lost it or if you can’t find it.
– Expanding the orgasm you already have to deeper fulfillment.
– Healing your genital from past trauma, misused, misunderstanding.
– Letting go of destructive associations with sex.
– Lifting up the ego centered relation between man and woman to a relation at the service of love and consciousness.
– Destroying within you the social conditions of what it is to be a man and a woman.


Registration and Information: irenesahaba@yahoo.com