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Star Awakening: Jaguar Mother Drum 4-day

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Date 28 Jul 2021 until 1 Aug 2021

Start on first day at 20:00

Finish on last day at 17:00

In the nice and beautiful country side

Country Russia

When a woman reconnects with the Flame of Creation within her womb and allows it to brighten her body, heart and spirit, she accesses the ‘vertical dimension’. This pathway supports her to channel the energy of her Medicine of Truth at the service of first her own Healing, her sexual pleasure and of her Awakening. The Medicine of Truth is rooted at the centre of creation, in the memory field of existence where we remember the essence of the life purpose such as love, consciousness, harmony, care… Every woman accesses this Medicine while in orgasm, lovemaking, menstruating, giving birth but she often misunderstood or misguided it due to the overwhelming pleasure, pain or frustration she often encounters in those experiences.

How to go at the centre of life energy?
How to tap into its Truth, its Purpose? And how to live it, to manifest it authentically, honestly?
While it might appear sometimes to be an impossible task, it is actually an inherent quality of every woman to use her sexuality to find her own Medicine of Truth and channel it creatively in her life. She just needs to revive the power of prayer, of gratitude, of creation, of intuition, of beauty and to re-learn to circulate properly her energy in her womb. In this way, her sexuality is not only used to create pleasure but offers a great source of empowerment, manifestation and clear insights. She can than re-establish the Medicine of Truth from where she gives birth to sacred sexuality, to words, forms and actions at the service of Creation and of her own Awakening and the one of others.

This retreat is a ‘renaissance’ of the Women Medicine of Truth using the female capacity to tap into the forces of Life Creative Energy awakening in her sexuality. It provides a field of Intuitive Wisdom where the body and heart of a woman is at service of Creation for it to manifest Beauty, Harmony and everything that benefits her spiritual evolution. This alignment offers a healthy sexuality rooted in the Forces of Truth, in the Memory of Life Purpose and it ignites the way a woman expresses creation in her life. This retreat is based on the Tantra Kaula Heart of All, the Jaguar Mother Drum and the Colibri Medicine. It offers many Sacred Viewpoints from where women can look at themselves in new and ancient ways, and thus refreshing, regenerating, empowering their body, heart and spirit with Truth.

 The main areas of exploration:
– The Jaguar Mother Drum
– The Ancestors
– The Medicine of Truth
– Creating Clear Intention & Direction
– Horizontal & Vertical Dimension
– Power of Prayer and Devotion
– Power of Manifestation
– Connection with the Great Mother
– Orgasm Forces
– Receiving and Giving Energy
– Circulating, Directing Energy
– The Mother and Father Lines
– Expressing Creation Truthfully

Important information: Depending the length of the retreat, we share different topics mentioned in the description of the retreat. We choose to bring what is the most suitable for the people who are present in the retreat.


Registration and Information: irenesahaba@yahoo.com