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Retreat 2 – 3 – M/F Orgasm & Kundalini Awakening 7-day

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Date 10 Aug 2018 until 17 Aug 2018

Start on first day at 20:00

Finish on last day at 16:30

In the beautiful country side

Country Russia

What the process is about:
The process unfolds and offers understanding on the dynamic of man and woman relations by exploring the depth of orgasms as a source of energy which do not belong to female or male, but more to our capacity of giving/receiving and our quality of taping into bliss. To come to this point, we take time to heal our genitals, our emotional body from all kinds of misguiding, trauma, believes, social and religious conditionings. While regaining the full aspect of physical sensations, we open up the energy flow through the whole body via the Kundalini channel. In this way, we gain trust in letting go into deep pleasure and surrendering into something bigger than ourselves which offer a great source of bliss. The consequences of the bliss, kundalini opening in you are not only sexually rewarding, they are life changing as they centre you into a space of non-duality where your encounters with others and life can become a source to the experience of oneness.

Within this retreat women and men are separated for 3 days before coming back together for specific practices. It allows them to explore different issues, topics, qualities belonging to the uniqueness of their gender.

The main areas of exploration for this retreat:
– Stepping out of immature female and male attitudes
– Connecting to nurturing feminine and male forces
– Learning about male and female sexual energy and body
– Regaining your full capacity for orgasm if you lost it or if you can’t find it.
– Expanding the orgasm you already have to deeper fulfilments.
– Healing your genital from past trauma, misused, misunderstanding.
– Letting go of destructive associations with sex.
– Transmuting pleasure into bliss
– Awakening Kundalini flow
– Circulating and containing sexual energy
– Opening to energetic orgasms
– Supporting positive qualities
– Surrendering to the Goddess force
– Lifting up the ego centred relation between man and woman to a relation at the service of love and consciousness.
– Destroying within you the social conditions of what it is to be a man and a woman.

Registration & Information: irenasahaba@gmail.com