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Retreat 5 – Initiation Space 4-day

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Date 11 Apr 2019 until 14 Apr 2019

Start on first day at 10:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

Venwoude Centrum
Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche

Country Netherlands

What is the process about:

This retreat guides you into the Initiation Space of the Noor Ritual during which the power of sacred sounds, words, symbols, and plants supports you into resolving the inner illusion of death, of everything that separates you from encountering life directly. It puts you face to face with your lies as much as with your truth. It awakens the one in you who sees through everything that blinds you and who can take clear decisions on how to manifest your life purpose.

The main areas of exploration:
– Dissolving inner illusions
– Activating third eye potential
– Activating healing forces
– Noor Ritual
– Power of sacred sounds, words and plants
– Protecting your own energy field from negative input

What Pema Gitama says about this retreat?
“In our inner growth process we all face at some point limitations, resistances making us feel totally stuck and no matter what you do to pass through it, it seems like nothing works. There is a subtle mechanism in us, which hides our most essential inner blockages.  Tantra is very concerned by this inner situation and it has created many methods taping in our resource of healing, of intuitive clarity for us to see, to understand and to remove our blockages which most of the time are impure resolved past situations. The methods use sacred sounds, words, plants in order to reconnect us with “the One that sees” and that heals too. Might it be a force within us or outside of us, the methods named often by misunderstanding magical or even black magic do bring about in us purity and deep transformation. It clears us up from illusions and detaches us from restrictive karmic links. It is very enriching to learn those mysterious methods because they open a dimension in us that makes us free from our own negativity, which is to me the only source of duality we carry and do not want to face clearly. We most of the time project it outside of us on people or situations. Moving in the esoteric tantric world, you learn to see very sharply what you do with your energy, how tricky you can be and how deeply you believe in negative patterns that only suck your life down to misery. The esoteric world in Tantra is not about creating all kind of superficial magic, it is about creating the real magic: waking up to reality by purifying the One that sees the full picture of existence. It is about the removal of all the dust of illusions in front of your eyes, of your heart in order to meet existence in its full splendour… I recommend every tantrica on the path to unleash the inner esoteric power in them if they really want to heal, to clean, to see, to really SEE!…”

Registration & Information: info@wildtantra.com

Price:  € 750
Price include lodging and vegetarian meals.


Program Overview & Prices* 2019

First Year
Orgasmic Body 4 – 7 April:  750 €
Female/Male Orgasms 5 – 9 June: 920 €
Kundalini Awakening 12 – 15 Sept: 750 €
Arya Ritual 28 Nov – 1 Dec: 750 €
Reduction price full first year training: 2900 €

Second Year
Initiation Space 11 – 14 April: 750 €
Silent Orgasm 13- 16 June: 750 €
Re-Alignment 18 – 22 Sept: 920 €
Third Eye Retreat  4 – 8 Dec: 920 €
Reduction price full second year training 3050 €

*Prices are per person and include lodging & vegan meals. These prices are for our retreats in The Netherlands and not for Russia.