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Retreat 5 – Inner Sky 4-day

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Date 18 Mar 2021 until 21 Mar 2021

Start on first day at 10:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

Venwoude Centrum
Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche

Country Netherlands

What is the process about:
This retreat supports you to break free from the cage of cultural social conditioning, ideas, and programming of what reality truly is. The process redirects the life energy involved in the down pulling forces of sex, of emotion, of intellect to the up-lifting forces of intuition, of love, of consciousness, of space, of emptiness, of silence. We open up the narrow energy passage between the known world and the unknown. Love finally appears in its true shape. It is no more the love we know from emotion, from mind or from body sensations. It is a love uplifting us into fresh intuitive understanding of reality where we finally become truly intelligent, authentic, sincere.

There is a saying describing what happens in the Inner Sky: “The roots of the tree are in the sky and the branches in the earth”. The Inner Sky shows a world which might feel like totally upside down compared to the reality we know. I feel this quote is the best way to describe the process of this retreat!

The main areas of exploration:
– Entering the Inner Sky
– Transmuting sex into bliss
– Awakening the Circle of Light
– Surrender sex to love and consciousness
– Breaking through from the sense of separation
– Shifting the magnetic dynamic of our energy field
– Listening, understanding silent communication

Note from Pema: I have a little warning for the ones of you reading this text and thinking it all way too poetic, not pragmatic, too much in the air. Yes, it is true! It is exactly what happens once you reach the Inner Sky. Language suddenly speaks in pictures, in symbols, in music, in paintings because the perception of reality from the Inner Sky is very artistic, musical, silent too. A rose is no more just a rose, it is suddenly a living behind sharing its life with you. In the Inner Sky communication finally starts to expand beyond humans. We can understand every living thing around us. It is difficult to put in down to earth words a dimension of air, of space. This is why all the Mystics who have taken their flight into the Inner Sky always communicate with poetry. This seems like the closest way to transfer what happens in the Inner Sky…”


Registration & Information: info@wildtantra.com


Program Overview & Prices 2020*

Inner Medicine Way part 1:
10 – 13 September: 750 €

Inner Medicine Way part 2:
26 – 29 November: 750 €

WildTantra Intro 23 and 24 Nov: 90 €


Program Overview & Prices 2021*

First Year
Orgasmic Body 11 – 14 March
Female/Male Orgasms 2 – 6 June
Kundalini Awakening 9 – 12 Sept
Arya Ritual 25 – 28 Nov
Reduction price full first year training

Second Year
Inner Sky  18 – 21 March
The Weaver 10 – 13 June
Noor Ritual 15 – 19 Sept
Reduction price full second year training

WildTantra Introduction – for singles & lovers
WildTantra Intro 22 and 23 Nov


Booking for 2021 opens the 1st of August – Prices will come soon!

Registration & Information: info@wildtantra.com

*Prices are per person and  include lodging & vegan meals. These prices are for our retreats in The Netherlands and not for Russia.