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Retreat 7 – Re-Alignment 5-day

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Date 18 Sep 2019 until 22 Sep 2019

Start on first day at 10:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

Venwoude Centrum
Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche

Country Netherlands

What the process is about:
Through worship, sacred rituals, devotion and prayer this retreat unveils the space where you are directly connected with the resource of consciousness, of creative forces within you and also within to what Tantra refers to as the Mother field. The whole process anchors you into taking responsibility to collaborate with these resources thus; enhancing your life and the lives of others with great harmony and abundance.
To support your realignment to this space, every day Pema offers everyone the opportunity of a cut through your strategies sabotaging your awakening by responding personally to your questioning, sharing.

The main areas of exploration:
– Connecting to divine inner/outer resources (Mother Field)
– Stepping out of projection, dream, ego
– Finding the Master inside
– Centering into Wisdom
– Lotus Ritual

Question and answer during one retreat in July 2011:
I am starting to loose a sense of everything. I am wondering if I still have to look for sense in the world around me?

“…This whole existence doesn’t make sense as long as you don’t surrender to love. You can try to make sense of this or that. You can try to make sense of why you are here. It might satisfy you for some time, but very soon you will realize it doesn’t make sense. It is perfect where you are. You have tried looking here, looking there and it doesn’t make sense. This is good. It is very good! Just go on. Keep on looking. Keep on trying to make sense of your whole existence. And one day, you will have only one possibility left: you fall on the floor totally exhausted, but so happy! So tremendously happy! Love is embracing you. You are embracing love. There is nowhere to go. There is no sense to make out of this existence. You simply know. You can’t explain it. You can’t speak about it, but you know. This is the moment when you surrender to love…” Pema Gitama

Registration & Information: info@wildtantra.com

Price:  € 920
Price include lodging and vegetarian food.

Program Overview & Prices* 2019

First Year
Orgasmic Body 4 – 7 April:  750 €
Female/Male Orgasms 5 – 9 June: 920 €
Kundalini Awakening 12 – 15 Sept: 750 €
Arya Ritual 28 Nov – 1 Dec: 750 €
Reduction price full first year training: 2900 €

Second Year
Initiation Space 11 – 14 April: 750 €
Silent Orgasm 13- 16 June: 750 €
Re-Alignment 18 – 22 Sept: 920 €
Third Eye Retreat  4 – 8 Dec: 920 €
Reduction price full second year training 3050 €

*Prices are per person and include lodging & vegan meals. These prices are for our retreats in The Netherlands and not for Russia.