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Star Awakening 3: Bliss 4-day

By 10 August 2017 No Comments
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Date 10 Aug 2017 until 13 Aug 2017

Start on first day at 10:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

In city center

Country Russia

What the process is about:

Bliss occurs when sexual pleasures are uplifted to the third eye and above. It provokes orgasm that opens up the realms of consciousness where an expanded state of peace, of silence, of unity is experienced.

For your Bliss to open up fully, this retreat explores different areas such as:

– Star Orgasm Massage level 3
– Connecting the Womb to the Third eye
– Cervix Orgasm
– Energy Orgasm (third eye)
– Moving from sexual pleasure to deep blissful fulfillment
– Awakening Intuitive Wisdom
– Up-lifting energy into the Chakra path


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