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Star Awakening I: Ecstasy 5-day

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Date 5 Mar 2019 until 10 Mar 2019

Start on first day at 20:30

Finish on last day at 17:30

In the nice and beautiful country side

Country Russia

Star Awakening stands for healing and activating all the pleasure points in a woman’s body, energy and genital and for reconnecting women to their wisdom and power of creation. A female’s body could be compared to a mysterious dark night full of shining stars. Each star is a pleasure point which realizes a tremendous amount of light within her energy channels and her body. This light is pure life force rejuvenating the woman’s body and uplifting her energy to higher levels of orgasm, love, consciousness, intuitive wisdom, and creativity… When a star is triggered with caress, kisses, strokes, energy, and love, it vibrates with pleasure. This pleasure has a range of expansion that goes from soft to intense orgasm, to joy, to ecstasy, to bliss! And it doesn’t even stop there! When all the stars (they are many!) vibrate together, a woman reaches a climax of satori* where she resources herself in a dimension beyond form and time gaining deep insights on many aspects of life. Her sexuality becomes a physically fulfilling experience as much as a conscious experience. She becomes a pool of clarity and vibrant pleasure, which benefits both her and her partner.

Star Awakening 1 – Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a vibrant euphoric state of aliveness happening while surrendering to all the sensations of pleasure coming from the sex, from any body part and from the senses. This surrender provokes an intense life force flow and waves of love through the whole body and being. It uplifts, rejuvenates and re-connects women to their authentic nature and to their power of creation.

This retreat aims to serve women in moving out of their conditioned female stereotype and to revive the inner core of female qualities. It offers a field of understanding, of experiences, of methods activating the creative force based on love and reviving the body to a high level of orgasmic aliveness.

For your Ecstasy to open up fully, this retreat explores different areas such as:
– Star Orgasm Massage level 1
– Connecting the Womb to the Heart
– G-Spot & Clitoral Orgasm
– Breast and Sex Reconnection
– Energy Orgasm (heart)
– Womb Yoga with Yoni Egg
– Surrender into Pleasure
– Freeing the genitals from physical and emotional tension as well as misconception
– Receiving and Giving energy flow
– Prayer and Devotion Dimension
– Activating the Sexual-Sensual Sensors
– Moon Cycle Methods: Red Blood
– Moon Cycle Methods: White Blood

What Pema Gitama shares about this retreat:
“Even though we yearn for orgasm, we are afraid of it at the same time. We carry a dilemma brought about by education, and social or religious conditioning: ‘Sex is dirty, bad, wrong, evil… It is God´s gift, but only to make children… If you enjoy sex you are a whore…’ You might think at first that you aren’t affected by these kind of beliefs, but they are playing in the background and constantly limiting your bliss. Sex and the Divine have been taboo for millennia. This has become a disease in humanity. We need healing, love and understanding to restore the natural possibility of rejoicing with the divine through sex. While diving into this healing dimension another aspect is naturally brought into the light: our identity as man and woman which is based on social rules and conditioning. Being a man is not about being strong, powerful, competitive, dominant, and being a woman is not about being fragile, emotional, needy, manipulative. The identification to these clichés are creating very immature men and women, whom thus relate with each other on the level of wanting, needing, domination, submission… Tantra proposes a totally different approach of relating, which is based on sharing and support. It generates a new quality of men and women who love, respect deeply and support the awakening of each other. In the Star Awakening Retreats, we like to give birth to such men and woman!…”

What is orgasm?
While orgasm is triggered in the body it opens a space beyond the body, linked to the heart and consciousness. The energy of orgasm first rushes in the body, flooding our senses with pleasure. Then it opens a door to the beyond. This happens in a split second, a small moment that we miss most of the time, because of a lack of awareness. This moment is very precious. It shows us where we come from. It is a moment ‘back home’ in which everything is aligned within us: sex, heart and consciousness. If we catch hold of it, it is the greatest orgasm existence can offer us…”


Information & Registration: irenasahaba@gmail.com