“Remember very well: Loneliness only comes when you are pretending to be somebody…”


“Remember very well: Loneliness only comes when you are pretending to be somebody…”


WildTantra Sessions

These are sessions offered by the WildTantra team. To see who is offering which session, look on the team page.

Star Awakening: genital massage (2 hours)

The female body is a vast mysterious night sky with bright stars. Though this could stand for a beautiful poetic image of woman, it has its true reality in the woman’s body. There is a map of those stars and their energy channels in the body. The G-Spot, the nipples, and the cervix are some examples of the stars shining their bright orgasmic energy. They have their own specific actions within the emotional, physical and spiritual life of a woman. Most women might feel this without truly understanding how it all functions, thus they cannot really use the amazing potential of creative and transformative energy they carry within their body for their growth.
The Star Awakening massage reveals and awakens this precious physical, energetic and mystic map of stars for women to improve their physical and emotional health, uplift their sexual life, use their orgasmic energy on her spiritual path, become anchored in their creative force, and take full responsibility for what they manifest out of it.

There are three types of massage which connect different star constellations in the body:

Level 1: Full body massage with specific attention for the breasts and its connection to the genitals by freeing the vaginal walls of tensions. This awakens the breast-womb star constellation.

Level 2: Full body massage with specific attention for the sacrum and the vaginal stars (G-spot and many other spots!). This awakens the breast-sacrum-g-spot star constellation.

Level 3: Full body massage with specific attention for the cervix and third eye. This awakens the sacrum-back of the skull-third eye-cervix star constellation.

Yoni & Lingam Puja: massage ritual (3 hours)

We tend to let the mind take over the heart which has created a big denial of the divine aspect of the body has us relating with the body in a very ungrateful and non-sacred way. This creates distortion, manipulation of the natural energy flow in the body resulting in a very unhealthy body, state of being and state of living.
Based on an ancient Tantric Ritual, Yoni & Lingam Puja is a massage performing devotional worship through Sacred gestures and words which uplift our energy to the high vibration of love, bliss and consciousness. This offers the possibility to have access to deeper insights about our life and to ignite the body with a totally new vibrant energy restoring our connection with existence in a sacred way. It makes us regain the full capacity to use our body as a vehicle for divine forces supporting us in creating a life of abundance and clarity.

For women:
– Full body massage-worship involving genital touch.
– Balancing and empowering the female and male aspects of the energy and the body.
– Centring you in your creative force and showing you how to put it in favour of your life purpose and how to put it at the service of existence…

For men:
– Full body massage-worship involving genital touch.
– Harmonisation of the active and passive aspects of the energy and the body.
– Anchoring you in the strengths of your heart as much as the strengths of your body.
– It shows you how to put your actions and your body at the service of the life force blended with love and consciousness…

Awakening to Consciousness: guidance & meditation (1 to 2 hours)

Most of the time our way to solve a problem involves the mind. Even if we think we have found the answer, it is only a very impermanent solution and the problem sooner or later shows up again. We have very little trust in Consciousness, its wisdom and its sharp answers, because it asks us to stop our compromises and to create changes that involve letting go of old inner structures we have been relying on for a long time and that we validate as truth while these are our own lies. It keeps us in the past, in the known thus stuck in non-evolving patterns that maintain our life in a constant vicious circle.
Awakening to Consciousness allows  us to move away from the ready-made answers of the mind to the surprising answers of Consciousness. The answers we find there are based in clarity and are always in favour of our inner growth, our expansion, our creative force, and our relating with life through all our unique qualities.

For singles:
This session moves you out of mind to Consciousness for you to clarify whatever situation that requires you to take new steps and make creative choices in your life.

For couples:
Relating is bound to expose our limitations, protections and also our beauty. In that we need to polish the mirror so that we can reflect each other clearly. This session supports you and your partner to create a relation based on a clear commitment to love. This involves:

– Opening the relation to conscious love.
– Clearing the past so that the relating happens in the here and now.
– Choosing for each other.
– Walking the Tantra Path together.
– Communicating from clarity…

Arya Tantra Massage (2 hours)

Arya massages are based on the wisdom of the Indian Tantric Master Arya, which is about awakening to our inner nature by tuning into the vital elements, inside and outside of us. Each massage has a very specific structure of touch, movement and positioning depending on the element that is being awakened. It restores the natural flow of the life force through the whole body and in its vital points such as the genitals, the heart, the spine and the nervous system.

The approach is intimate, sensual, and ecstatic provoking a blissful and alive body. It is more than a massage: it is a deep awakening of your inner resource of centring into joy, awareness, and love. A deep healing!

Each massage is part of a longer series of sessions. The first session supports the body to be more present. It opens the sacrum and the rest of the pelvic area. Grounded in the pelvic area, the energy is moved up the spine. You are invited to relax, enjoy and breathe with the energy that is being awakened in the body.