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Tiger Touch

By 22 January 2014 No Comments

Tiger Touch Event

Supreme Lovers Festival
25th January
Club Lite, Amsterdam

What do you really know about touch, about being touched, about touching?
What if suddenly a tiger is approaching you, smelling you, touching you?
How your body, your skin, your energy would respond?
In survival situation, in danger situation or simply unexcited situation our energy, our senses are much more alive, sharp, open.
Our breathing, heart beat, brain, nervous system… everything of our system is suddenly very alive!
In daily life everything drops down to “normal” meaning sleepy, unaware to not say many times boring.


In this workshop we like to provide you a “danger” situation for you to open up a state of alertness in your body, a state of awareness in your consciousness and a state of communion in your heart. These states all together offer you the opportunity to discover your full capacity of aliveness, to experience a high level of energy, to break through your normality and your personality in order to give place to your authenticity.


The situation is safe even though it will put you out of your comfort zone.
Our team will watch out that nobody trespasses the limits that we will set at the start of the workshop.


25th January: 14:30 – 17:00
Area One of the Supreme Lovers Festival

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