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MATKA Women Retreat 4-day

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Date 28 Sep 2023 until 1 Oct 2023

Start on first day at 10:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

Meeuwenveenweg 1-3
7971 PK Havelte

Country Netherlands

When a woman reconnects with the Flame of Creation within her womb and allows it to brighten her body, heart and spirit, she accesses the ‘vertical dimension’. This pathway supports her to channel the energy of her Medicine of Truth at the service of first her own Healing, her sexual pleasure and of her Awakening. The Medicine of Truth is rooted at the centre of creation, in the memory field of existence where we remember the essence of the life purpose such as love, consciousness, harmony, care… Every woman accesses this Medicine while in orgasm, lovemaking, menstruating, giving birth but she often misunderstood or misguided it due to the overwhelming pleasure, pain or frustration she often encounters in those experiences.

How to go at the centre of life energy?
How to tap into its Truth, its Purpose? And how to live it, to manifest it authentically, honestly?
While it might appear sometimes to be an impossible task, it is actually an inherent quality of every woman to use her sexuality to find her own Medicine of Truth and channel it creatively in her life. She just needs to revive the power of prayer, of gratitude, of creation, of intuition, of beauty and to re-learn to circulate properly her energy in her womb. In this way, her sexuality is not only used to create pleasure but offers a great source of empowerment, manifestation and clear insights. She can than re-establish the Medicine of Truth from where she gives birth to sacred sexuality, to words, forms and actions at the service of Creation and of her own Awakening and the one of others.

This retreat is a ‘renaissance’ of the Women Medicine of Truth using the female capacity to tap into the forces of Life Creative Energy awakening in her sexuality. It provides a field of Intuitive Wisdom where the body and heart of a woman is at service of Creation for it to manifest Beauty, Harmony and everything that benefits her spiritual evolution. This alignment offers a healthy sexuality rooted in the Forces of Truth, in the Memory of Life Purpose and it ignites the way a woman expresses creation in her life. This retreat is based on the Tantra Kaula Heart of All. It offers many Sacred Viewpoints from where women can look at themselves in new and ancient ways, and thus refreshing, regenerating, empowering their body, heart and spirit with Truth.

 The main areas of exploration:
– Guiding a man into lovemaking
– Orgasm Forces
– Receiving and Giving Energy
– Circulating, Directing Energy
– Expressing Creation Truthfully
– Tantra Ritual
– Creating Clear Intention & Direction
– Power of Prayer and Devotion
– Power of Manifestation
– Connection with the Great Mother

Pema’s sharing about women:
“…Women for some reason have become very lazy. They have given up! They do not open anymore into their wisdom because they have lost the access to their own Medicine. And this has immense consequences for the world.  Being the force of creation, being the ones giving birth to forms, women nevertheless do not take care anymore of what they create. As an example, women give birth to a boy and offer them guns for him to play with. They do not question anymore what the toys are about. They do not see that it supports violence. At the same time, the same women wonder why there are wars, rapes, all kind of abuse inflicted by men! Women have gone totally out of their connection to the Great Mother, to Harmony, so they have lost also the way to care for the whole, for the community, for their family, for their creation and for themselves too… I also see that in this laziness women have lost access not only to their wisdom but also to their own body, to their orgasmic potential and their own Medicine. It is interesting to see that women don’t even know how to give birth by themselves. They have to rely on hospitals, on doctors, on medication; and so totally separated from their nature, from their deep mother instincts…

Women have immense resources of orgasmic energies that, once awakened, allow them to vibrate on a totally different level of intelligence. On this level it is impossible for a woman to say to her boy: “go play with a gun, go kill…”. On this level, she will say to her boy: “be at the service of love, care for the whole…”. Once the woman is at her peak of energy and channels it in her body, heart and being, she reconnects with her wisdom which aligns her with Life… Life with a big L. Not the little stupid life ruled by our society, but a Life ruled by the intelligence of love and consciousness…

I like to believe that it is not too late for women to wake up and make a drastic change in their lives and the life of the community; a change that offers to all of us a life of harmony we are made to live but that we seem to have forgotten…

I offer this retreat with a deep longing that women reunite their being with their Medicine of Truth, with the wisdom of the Great Mother and the Great Mystery, with the power of Beauty, of Creation and the power to care for Creation…”

Registration & Information: info@wildtantra.com

Price: 900 €
Price is per person, including VAT and include the lodging.


Program Overview in the Netherlands & Prices 2023*

First Year at Venwoude
Orgasmic Body 6 – 9 April: € 900
Female/Male Orgasms 7 – 11 June: € 1090
Kundalini Awakening 7 – 10 September: € 900
Arya Ritual 30 Nov – 3 Dec: € 900
Reduction price full first year process: € 3490

*Prices are per person, including VAT and do not include the lodging. For lodging prices, look here.
There is an additional 10% discount for participants under the age of 30.


Second Year at Meeuwenveen
Silent Orgasm  30 March – 2 April: € 900
Inner Diamond 15 – 18 June: € 900
Noor Ritual 15 – 19 September:   1090
Reduction price full second year process: € 2680

*Prices are per person, including VAT and include the lodging.
There is an additional 10% discount for participants under the age of 30.


WildTantra Introduction at Venwoude
WildTantra Intro 27 Nov:  € 135

Registration & Information

For WildTantra Path of Awakening
Amrapali +31 (0)6 28 07 16 96

For Introduction day
Amrapali +31 (0)6 28 07 16 96