“The Tantric wisdom is not cheap!

One needs to pay a certain price for it!

And the price is to show your readiness

to love, to surrender…”


“The Tantric wisdom is not cheap! One needs to pay a certain price for it! And the price is to show your readiness to love to surrender…”


My Master has not left any scriptures,
but he has left a “print” of his wisdom inside of me…”


The Kaula Heart of All

was founded centuries ago in North India by Masters of the Heart of All lineage, as they call themselves. It is actually difficult to track when and where it all started and in some way it is not even so important. What is important is what we are now! We are a gathering of tantricas, under the loving guidance of Pema Gitama, our Mama transmitting the wisdom of the Masters of the Kaula.

We have different activities which support our Kaula family:

There is WildTantra, where we share the wisdom of Tantra through retreats in Europe. The Arya Tantra Massage a Training in healing, tantric massages and health care based on the wisdom of the Indian Tantric Master Arya. The Kaula Summer Retreat, where the whole family retires in the Pyrenees Mountains to live according to the Kaula principal of the Tantra lineage of the Heart of All. The BodhiTree two welcoming homes located in Belgium and in The Netherlands which offer events for seekers on the Path of Love and Consciousness for them to meditate, rest, dance, sing all together.

These activities are the basis in building solid ground for the Apu Project: a spiritual, eco-friendly place which offers a life style according to the Kaula principals based on uplifting awareness on living life from Love and Consciousness through Tantra methods, Creativity, Communion with Nature, and Community Life…

Kaula Heart of All

“…For a long time, I kept the relation to the Masters secret, because I found it so intimate that it was difficult to expose it. I am now moving with a Tantric Master for 14 years and only since last year I dare to put this out and give the link to others. I have brought it into the world under the names WildTantra and Kaula Heart of All, which is the name my Master has chosen for her “work”. Kaula is a very old system in which Masters and disciples come together. It is a family. A big family, not in the biological sense of the word, but by playing with the same roles such as mother, father, daughters, sons… The Master is the father or the mother. The disciples are the children, sons and daughters of the Master. In the Kaula the Master adopts you. It is no longer a Master-disciple relation. It goes back to family relations. It makes it easier to relate. Mother and daughter have an inborn quality of love in relating with each other. It is very natural, so it is used in the Master-disciple relation within the Kaula system. The access to the Master becomes so simple. Imagine if your Master is your mother, it becomes so easy. Do you see the simplicity of it? You can reach her directly. She is not too far. And in that there isn’t this play of I am enlightened and you are not. In Tantra we don’t speak about that rubbish. There is enlightenment, but we don’t speak about it. We speak about expansion of the heart between the mother and the daughters or sons. We don’t say the mother is enlightened and the children are just stupid trying to work hard to become like mama (laughing). We don’t function this way.

In the Kaula, we have a family moving together on a daily base, eating together, sleeping together, working together – a normal life. In this normal life there is a little plus: Awareness of love. This is constant. This is the inner discipline of the Kaula members. In the play of the family, the Master-Mother is shining the light of love onto the children so that they can be touched, be nourished and share it between each other. This is their practice within the Kaula: Practicing love, if I may call it this way.

Another aspect of the Master-Mother is that she transmits wisdom, a wisdom that she has received from her Master whom received it from his Master and of course of her own experiences… The Kaula is a lineage of many Masters. Every Kaula has its own lineage of Masters – all with different flavors, but basically all sharing the same flame. In our Kaula, the most recent Master is called Leela. I have the duty to let her pass through me. I am not a Master, far from it. The Team can tell you. I still do many stupid things (laughing). But what to do in spite of my stupid things I have a heart which remembers the Masters and can let them through. It is my offer in this life to let the Masters share their wisdom through me…”

Excerpt from Intro-Event on March 2012, Netherland

“…The Kaula is a great energetic force that binds all the Tantricas of the same lineage to one Master. Some chosen Tantricas from the same Kaula are initiated to be the ones who are going to transmit the whole wisdom of the lineage of Tantric Masters. This is my case… My Master has not left any scriptures, but he has left a “print” of his wisdom inside of me, in my “light body”. I can transfer this Wisdom to anyone who wishes to receive it… but first he or she has to pass some tests… The Tantric wisdom is not cheap! One needs to pay a certain price for it! And the price is to show your readiness to love, to surrender because without this, nothing can be imparted to you. Without this you will misuse the wisdom. It will become knowledge. And knowledge is very dangerous thing, because it is dead. Tantric Wisdom, to stay alive, to not become dead knowledge, needs to fall in the heart, not in the head. Tantric knowledge falls in the head. Tantric wisdom falls in the heart. This is the right soil from where it can grow, from where it can expand. In the head, it dies…”
Leela, July 2010.

You can find more in Gitama’s book: Tantra, The Whispering Transmission