“Kaula Heart of All is a science
of human capacities to manifest consciousness…”


“Kaula Heart of All is
a science of human capacities
to manifest consciousness…”


Pema founded the Kaula Heart of All in 2008.
The foundation ground of WildTantra is the Kaula Heart of All. All the methods shared in WildTantra take their roots in the wisdom of the Kaula.

The Kaula Heart of All

shares Pema’s approach of Tantra, the founder of the Kaula Heart of All and of WildTantra. Her sharings draw from the rich wisdom heritage of the lineage of the Masters of the Kaula Heart of All, which is rooted in various Tantra traditions…

The Kaula Practices

are based on inner and outer methods which seek to transform the human attitude, behaviour and expression into its higher potential of creation and consciousness. It is not a religion, nor a concept or a philosophy. It is a science of human capacities to manifest consciousness. It involves daily-life practices aimed at enhancing one’s awareness of manifesting actions from consciousness and love, so as to generate a life in harmony with the whole.

The active ground of the Kaula

is the Family structure. Kaula is a Sanskrit word meaning family. It refers to an ancient way of living Tantra wisdom, developed as much along the Left as the Right Hand Path. The term family is used in the sense of spiritual family: a gathering of people evolving together through Tantra methods.

Kaula Heart of All

Family is the natural ground where we root ourselves in consciousness, in love, in creativity; in values such as respect, harmony, humbleness, honesty, gratitude… It is where we learn to integrate, to share, to manifest all the wisdom resources coming from these roots, for us to blossom fully into who we are meant to be. From there, once we reach the age where we ourselves create a family (biological or non-biological), we are mature responsible beings, generating a loving, conscious and creative field for ourselves and others.

Unfortunately, in our society, what we know as “family” has often very little to do with love or consciousness. It has more to do with manipulation, domination, competition and attachment, since we misuse love to fulfill our own egoistic emotional and physical needs. This misuse makes us very confused, to the point that most of us no longer know the authentic dynamics of love, nor trust the intuitive intelligence of the heart. As a result, we create families generating even more confusion and mistrust – by promoting fallacious values of love that misguide everyone, causing distress, suffering and chaos on all levels of our communities…

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“…My Master has not left any scriptures, but he has left a “print” of his wisdom inside of me, in my “light body”. I can transfer this Wisdom to anyone who wishes to receive it… but first he or she has to pass some tests… The Tantric wisdom is not cheap! One needs to pay a certain price for it! And the price is to show your readiness to surrender to love because without this, nothing can be imparted to you. Without this you will misuse the wisdom. It will become knowledge. And knowledge is very dangerous thing, because it is dead. Tantric Wisdom, to stay alive, to not become dead knowledge, needs to fall in the heart, not in the head. Tantric knowledge falls in the head. Tantric wisdom falls in the heart. This is the right soil from where it can grow, from where it can expand. In the head, it dies…”

You can find more in Pema’s book: Tantra Vol I, The Whispering Transmission