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RAJA Ritual Retreat for Couple 8-day

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Date 13 May 2023 until 20 May 2023

Start on first day at 14:00

Finish on last day at 12:00

Raices Inkas Retreat Center
Sacred Valley

Country Peru

RAJA Ritual unfolds different aspects of the lovers’ intimacy such as sexuality, conscious relating, devotion, creativity… It opens their energies, bodies, and understanding to new levels of sensuality, bliss and deep togetherness. The Ritual reveals and expands the divine resources as much as the orgasmic flow in the lovers, thus creating the possibility of a meeting beyond ego and personality where only love and consciousness remain to be experienced.

It expands the gestures of love-making into a sacred, endless union by uniting the power of the sexual energy with the alchemy of the heart. This process invites the lovers to integrate sex and love. It actualizes the potential of oneness within their intimacy and reveals the potential for Divine forces within the body and the sexual energy. It enables the lovers to uplift their intimacy into a realm of bliss, conscious love and soulmate relation.

The body is the microcosmos of the universe. While entering the body we enter the universe itself. The devotional aspect of the ritual allows the lovers to caress, kiss, and embrace all the forms contained in their bodies – the stars, the trees, the clouds… While this might appear as a beautiful poetic metaphor, the lovers do realize its truth by diving sincerely into all the precious gestures of this love-making ritual. When, through your beloved, you discover that the universe is as much within as outside of yourself, it creates a totally new type of intimate relating with everything and everyone around you. There is a sense of gratitude, of reverence for life, towards existence, your beloved, and your family. This gratefulness that unfolds in you makes you live life with great joy.

RAJA Ritual gives the lovers the key to harmony, balance, peace and silence both within themselves and in their relation. It nurtures their intimacy with sweetness, care, depth and fulfillment on all levels of meeting – physical as much as spiritual.

The main areas of exploration:
– Learning the steps of the RAJA Ritual
– Practicing the Yoga of Creation
– Entering the Great Desire
– Centering in the Heart
– Opening up the Devotion
– Creating a conscious relation

What Pema says about this retreat?
“There are a few aspects in the way of lovemaking from the Raja Ritual. The first one consists in realizing that all the postures we take in sexual intercourse are creating patterns of energy within us and our partner. During the Ritual you use these patterns of energy with a clear intention of love in order to uplift your lovemaking into a high frequency of bliss. The second aspect is about the biological aspect of the energy we generate during intercourse. This energy if not used for the creation of a child, can be used for another type of creation. In the Ritual, you combine the patterns of energy mentioned above with the biological force of creation to generate inner and outer forms of creation. It is a mysterious process shifting love intercourse into a totally new dimension where every union with a partner actualizes the potential of Divine forces of creation within the body, the heart and the sexual energy.
One more aspect is about Desire which is one of the powerful energy fueling the Raja Ritual. There is a deep understanding about desire, which is whatever we desire we want to be one with. It means desire is also a key for oneness. In the Ritual, we tap into desire totally, as to come to a point of unity where we become desireless at the peak of desire. It is a powerful transformation bringing about blissful experiences beyond words.”


Raices Inka Retreat Center
Sacred Valley, Pisac, Peru

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