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Retreat 3 – Kundalini Awakening 4-day

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Date 12 Sep 2024 until 15 Sep 2024

Start on first day at 10:00

Finish on last day at 18:00

Code49 – Venwoude
Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche

Country Netherlands

What is the process about:

The retreat is devoted to root you into bliss by activating, harmonizing the kundalini energy within you. It refines your sensitivity from pleasure sensations to blissful state by expanding the sexual flow through your whole body and by letting go into energetic orgasm. The consequences of the bliss, kundalini opening in you are not only sexually rewarding, they are life changing as they centre you into a space of non-duality where your encounters with others and life can become a source to the experience of oneness.

The main areas of exploration:
– Awakening Kundalini flow
– Circulating and containing sexual energy
– Opening to energetic orgasms
– Supporting positive qualities
– Surrendering to the Goddess force
– Shifting to the non-dual dimension
– Connecting sexual energy in various channels in your body
– Transmuting pleasure into bliss
– Letting go of addiction to sex and whatever pulls out of bliss
– Understanding and dropping addiction

What is Kundalini?
Tantra has discovered a pathway in the body, which is mainly connected to the spine and which is called Kunda. When the life force flows through it, it is named Kundalini. This precious path way unites us between earth and sky, matter and spirit, body and no-body. When the Kundalini stays at the level of the sexual organs and sexual activity, it carries a certain vibration. The more it is elevated in the Kunda channel, the more our inner vibration changes. The happy vibration of sex becomes a vibration of joy in the heart. When it moves up to the crown, the vibration is of bliss. Then sex feels like a divine experience. Sex, love, consciousness are integrated in the same action. This is a very powerful process that transforms our way of life totally. Once you taste the joy of love embracing the body, life takes a different direction…
However, Kundalini flow does not only create new sexual experiences. It embraces much more than that. It activates our capacity for unity with everything in life. Kundalini supports us in being in this embrace all the time, not just during sexual intercourse. It shifts the experience of unity to everything around – the trees, flowers, the moon, the sky full of stars…
At the same time it creates a lot of changes on the body level. The vibration of our cells, brain, organs, and blood flow is activated to a new level of light. It nourishes and rejuvenates our entire organism since it awakens the capacity of our body to live life fully!

What are the expressions and qualities of Kundalini?
Kundalini carries the quality of unity. In expression it can be very silent, motionless, as much as very expressive. It will all depend on what the Kundalini encounters on its way through you! If there is fear, you can be sure that fear will be actively expressed. If there is happiness, it will come shining through equally. It is important to understand that Kundalini is exposing everything hidden inside us, fear as much as joy. Since Kundalini is a non-dual energy that always looks for uniting. If there is something in the way of unity, it will be exposed so that it can be dropped or transformed. This is the powerful beauty of Kundalini: It is a healing, transformative force, which awakens us to unity. It calls us back to our state of oneness.

What Pema Gitama says about this retreat?
“There is a simple fact that we live at the minimum of our capacity of bliss. We live in pleasure, which is already beautiful, but not blissful. With our thirst for pleasure we create addiction to what awakens the pleasure. Addiction to food, to drink, to emotion, to sex… We are somehow totally sick, but we call this our normal state. This state is also very much promoted in our society, which considers it as normal, social, familial, civilized, while actually it maintains us in a dimension of tension, fear, need, violence, domination, manipulation and most of all addiction. We have become slaves of pleasurable tensions. We run after ice cream, French fries, good wine, good joints, good sex… but then what? Are you satisfied? Does it elevate you into silence, into harmony, into unity?… No. The answer is no, if you are honest of course.
So what goes wrong in that story, because in fact there is nothing wrong with pleasure. It is definitely important to move in it… But how do we move in it? This is the art, the key Tantra can offer us and this is what we explore within this retreat!”

Registration & Information: info@wildtantra.com

Price: € – 975
Price is per person, including VAT and does not include the lodging. See prices for lodging

Program Overview in the Netherlands & Prices 2024*

First Year at Code49 – Venwoude
Orgasmic Body 7 – 10 March: € 975
Female/Male Orgasms 4 – 9 June: € 1390
Kundalini Awakening 12 – 15 September: € 975
Arya Ritual 28 Nov – 1 Dec: € 975
Reduction price full first-year program: € 3990

*Prices are per person, including VAT and do not include the lodging. For lodging prices, look here.
There is an additional 10% discount for participants under the age of 30.


Second Year at Meeuwenveen
Silent Orgasm  24 – 27 February: € 975
Inner Diamond 15 – 18 June: € 975
Noor Ritual 31 Aug – 4 Sept: € 1180
Reduction price full second-year process: € 2945

*Prices are per person, including VAT and lodging.
There is an additional 10% discount for participants under the age of 30.


WildTantra Introduction at Code49 – Venwoude
WildTantra Intro 18 Nov: € 135

Registration & Information

For WildTantra Path of Awakening
Amrapali +31 (0)6 28 07 16 96

For Introduction day
Amrapali +31 (0)6 28 07 16 96