Where is the Harmony Keepers?

For most of us duality means division. It is black and white. It is negative and positive. In this process enters the play of preferences: positive is better than negative, white is better than black. On a deeper level, repression shows up such as: I prefer positive, so I repress negative in order not to feel it. We can apply this process on many layers: I prefer pleasure, so I deny pain. By and by it goes also to extreme of indulging into what feels good, what is pleasurable. It becomes an obsessive fight for the good and against the bad.

Now the question is: Who defines “bad” and who defines “ good?” On which criteria bad and good they are based?

I leave it up to you to meditate on it!

Tantra defines duality as opposite forces that unite for the benefit of harmony. When these forces divide there is ‘de-harmony’ – putting these forces against one another thus generating fight, war… As a basic example: too much heat; you go hysterical, scream and beat up somebody (and regret it later on), too much cold ; you become sad, depressed, suicidal (and can’t regret it later on because it is too late!). These are very simple facts happening world wide on a daily base.

My view is that we have become totally up rooted from our essence of harmony keeper. Somewhere inside all of us, there is a being who knows how to balance white and black for the benefit of ourselves, of others, of the planet, of nature…

Where this Harmony Keeper is hiding? Why we prefer to screw up the whole planet, ourselves, our beloved, our family and our future generations instead of bringing into action the Harmony Keeper in all of us?

I  leave it to you to meditate on it!

Tantra is not for and is not against. It bypasses the game of preferences, of good and bad. It looks much deeper into the mysterious play of duality. It knows how to balance everything in us, outside us. It knows nothing is bad, nothing is good. Everything can work together in a creative harmony, music, silence… Tantra is waking up the Harmony Keeper! The one taking responsibility for harmony.

Do you want to wake up? Or you prefer to indulge into the sleep walker who blindly misinterprets duality for division thus promoting chaos as the only living state possible. Or you want to wake up and put into action the Harmony Keeper who carries a deep sense of discernment and who knows how to apply the most ancestral knowledge of harmony (Tantra) thus promoting nothing but simply living in a responsible way.!

I leave it to you to meditate on it!

I offer you a space where you can wake up the Harmony Keeper. This is my contribution to you, to the world because I did wake up the Harmony Keeper in me and she has a lot to share!…

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With gratitude and love,