Initiation & Transformation

I just returned from Peru after completing our two Kaula Healing Retreats. The last one took place in Chavin de Huantar, one of the oldest sacred cities of Peru and  the centre of the Medicine plant Wachuma. There we have entered the dimension of healing through Ceremonies rooted in the ancient wisdom of Chavin. I feel very poor to share in words  with you the power of those Ceremonies. I can for sure state these are the most sacred ceremonies I have ever been part of. The last one took place during the night which is very rare and thus a great privilege. I am always careful to express myself in terms of ‘breakthrough experiences’ because I don’t like to make things bigger than they truly are… but this time, I will have to use a language that speaks of total Initiation. I can’t describe it but at least I can share a part of its effects.

This Initiation compels me to  look with a totally new level of understanding at the phenomenon of Connection, Language, Communication; at the phenomenon of Change, Transformation and Initiation. For now, I like to share a bit about the latter; Initiation.

Moving the furniture in your house doesn’t transformed your house!

One of my observations is that most people who participate in all kind of spiritual workshops, retreats (even our retreats!) are simply fooling themselves around by manipulating their life, mind, emotion and body thinking: ‘I have changed because I feel more relaxed, even more fulfilled’. But this change is just a move of furniture in the inner house from one room to another. It feels good, it feels new, refreshed, changed but all the furniture is still there!! So actually, nothing has changed! You still have your furniture. No transformation has happened! And one day or another you are bound to bump again into that furniture. You thought you didn’t  have anger anymore, and suddenly an unexpected situation pops up and the dragon comes out. The dragon you thought was dead is  more alive than before! It is no more in the first floor where he used to live, it is now in the second floor …

The process of transformation is obtained through Initiation…

The process of transformation, which is the foundation of Tantra, is obtained through Initiation. That’s where my precious experience comes in as a lightening flash. Transformation needs to be lit up in us because it is asleep! All the methods of Tantra generate energy to awaken the capacity of transformation. But these methods need an inner atmosphere for them to become active, like a baby needs a womb to grow. Initiation creates the womb, or maybe better to say: activates the womb. Another example: you can have a house and yet no electricity in it. Like having all the methods of Tantra, but not the energy to activate them. You can play around with all the methods and yet nothing truly meaningful is going to happen. The methods need the electricity!! Initiation is what brings the electricity into the method!

Initiation is a big word and very much misused by the way. I like to handle it really carefully because it is too precious to be spoiled by mind concepts. It is good to understand that each Initiation is always about consciousness! Most of the time because of our deep sleep we are un-conscious. An Initiation switches on the electricity in our bedroom, the light comes in and we wake up with a specific tool (depending on the tradition from where the initiation comes from) to use this light in our daily-life, in our meditation practices… The light infuses the method of Tantra with the light of consciousness. Without the light, without the Initiation, the method is a bit empty.

You might wonder where and how to get the initiation?

You might wonder where and how to get the initiation? There are sacred places, there are Masters (sometimes in disguise!), there are Medicine people… and more… which have their level of vibration in-tune with consciousness. We generally speak about enlightenment when we refer to this vibration, but I prefer not to use this word because is one of the most misused in the spiritual scene. So let’s keep it to vibration of consciousness. Moving in sacred places where this vibration is fully alive, initiation is happening all the time. Being in the presence of a person whose vibration is pulsating consciousness, there too initiation happens.

Now, to be able to pick up this vibration and receive the initiation, you need silence, respect, gratitude, a clear intention and most of the time: healing. You need a very calm inner climate in you if you do not want the mind to interfere. To create this inner climate, enabling you to be  receptive to initiation and to be  attuned  to the vibration of consciousness, is the work I like to share with you. The second year of the WildTantra program is now entirely devoted to this tuning to the vibration of consciousness. The retreats are getting all uplifted and I feel   immensely happy of this new turn. Since a few months, I was looking forward to open to something which would deepen my sharing of the Tantra wisdom and I received a profound gift, much bigger than what I wished for! The gift of the Serpent… Mysterious name you might say…. I like mystery! I invite you all to partake in it!

The registration for the second year is nearly full. There are just a few places left FOR MEN to take on the journey of the Initiation to the Serpent (Retreat 5, The Initiation Space). One place might be for you… You are very welcome!

With gratitude and love,