Predator & Prey
by Pema


On the 16 February 2021, while the Dutch governmental restrictions became more sever to the point of not allowing meetings anymore, Pema wrote the following message to participants of WildTantra retreats.

On the 24 February 2021, she hosted a Zoom meeting of which there is a video on this page. There she shares about the sad news of postponing the start of the WildTantra retreats and she explains her point of view on the dynamic  of the Predator and Prey Play.


In the following video, Pema shares in depth her point of view about the Predator & Prey Play…

“The world situation right now is a big mass manipulation of energy. It is a very old game that I call Predator and Prey. The prey gives its energy to the predator much before it gets caught by it. When we see a lion chasing a gazelle, it is important to look very carefully into the energy. The gazelle that will get caught is the weakest one, not especially physical but energetically. It has already given, offered, submitted its energy to the lion much before getting caught by it. When I say much before, I mean even days, months before! This specific gazelle has already bent its energy in favour of the lion.

This play is not wrong. It is part of Harmony of Nature…. Just that when it comes to us humans something goes wrong most of the time. This same natural Play becomes Manipulation, Domination, Competition, thus creating lots of chaos and imbalance.

Right now, the world situation shows it perfectly well! There is a big part of the population on this planet who are weak energetically. This weakness makes them submit easily their energy to decision-makers such as a government, a boss, a father, a mother, a lover… who have distorted the Play of Nature (predator/prey) in favour of domination and manipulation, thus chaos, slavery, destruction…

What we have to look at carefully here is that whoever are the decision-makers, they can take a decision only if they receive enough energy to support their decision. The bigger the decision-maker is, for example a government, the more energy it needs. The smaller the decision-maker, such as your lover, your father, the less energy he/she needs to validate, to impose the decision.

The Chaos we are in now is not fully the responsibility of the decision-makers.. It is ours too. And a big part of our responsibility is that out of weakness we give our energy to them while we are not even agreeing with their decisions. How come?

Do you follow what I point out?… It is not about action; it is really about an energy move.

If our energy is weak, meaning not standing firmly into Harmony, it starts to bend towards Chaos. And the more of us are letting energy bends towards Chaos, the more decision-makers who have their energy rooted in Chaos will get energy to fulfil their chaotic decisions…”

Pema, 16 February 2021