Pearl of Wisdom from Leela…


I have a question about trust. I have been looking at it. But I was not able to look further than the psychological dimension. I see I have trusted people, I have been hurt in that and that’s it. The mathematical conclusion is: I give you my trust and you misused it. So that’s it. But it is too easy. I don’t want to live out of circumstances to find out who I am. I don’t want to justify myself on the behavior of others. My question now is: Could you speak about trust?


“The trust you mention is a very cheap trust. It is worth nothing. We should not call it trust actually. This word trust has been so much misused, like the word love too. Because it is misused you don’t know the meaning of it anymore, you don’t know how to feel the meaning of it anymore. You can live it. Like you say, it becomes only something psychological, something of the mind. Trust doesn’t live in your mind neither in your psychology or your emotions. Trust lives in your heart. It can’t be questioned. It can’t be broken. This is very important you understand this: it can’t be broken. The trust you do mention can be broken. It can’t be called trust. It is something else. It is a contract between two persons. The contract can be broken at any time. Trust never and love too! I hear many times people saying they have their heart broken. I don’t know what they speak about but certainly not of the heart, not of love and not of trust. Because all these words are being misused, they are interpreted. They start living in the mind. People, when they speak about love, about trust, about heart, they do refer to the mind. When they say I love this man, I love this flower. It is not the heart speaking, but the mind. And it would be better to say: I like this man and I like this flower. People only speak about preferences. They do not speak about love. When it is about trust it is the same. They trust what they prefer. And what you prefer can change at anytime. This is why the trust, the love can be broken. The love, the trust, the unbroken ones at the center of the heart, do not have preference. It trusts, it loves, that’s it! I would like you also to understand, you can’t divide trust and love. They are functioning together. They are part of the same dynamic. When you say I trust, you also say I love. When you say I love you also say I trust. It is nearly the same word for the same thing, just a slightly different color.

The trust you mention is the one living in the mind, the one making contracts, the one with likings. This is the one I call the cheap trust. You can even buy it. It is what people do amongst each other. They buy the trust of each other. They buy the love of each other. The trust at the center of the heart is stable. It is something, which never moves. The trust, the cheap one in the mind is in constant movement, and the same for the love living in the mind. It has no stability. You can’t relay on it. You can’t relay on a trust coming from the mind. The trust at the center of the heart, which has no movement, which is in total stability, you can relay on it always. Whatever happens, whatever the circumstances inner or outer, it will never move, you can relay on it. It has a power of transformation, which is not the case of the trust living in the mind. The trust living in the mind only has a power of destruction. It is a business man. The trust of the mind relays on business only. The trust centered in your heart has a power of stability and of transformation. It means whatever the negative circumstances, even painful ones, it will absorb it and it will transform it. As long as you live with a trust anchored in the mind you will never be at rest. You will always be suspicious. You will always question. At the center of your heart there is a trust, which doesn’t ask question. I would say it is The Answer. Once you are in this trust deep in the heart, there are no more question. You simply live the trust, you are in it, you enjoy it, you flow with it. It is good you see the picture and understand it and by and by withdraw the energy involved in the trust of the mind. In this way you bring back your energy in the trust of the heart…” Leela, 27 June 2014