Template Wild Tantra Responsive Version 2.0

Flash object

  • Height en width will be adjusted for screen width.


  • Images with class “size-full” will adjust to 100% width.
  • Images with class “none” will not be adjusted to width. This class have to be added manually
  • Images on page about us will be adjusted to 29% width.


  • Every movie (embedded youtube iframe) will automatically adjust to screen width.


  • Made responsive so text will flow under input field on small screens
  • Newsletter link has now white background because it can placed above header image


  • Works now also in Google Chrome.
  • A new method of centering the content of the menu. Works for responsive and content independant.
  • When submenu content does not fit on 1 line it accepts more lines
  • Whitespace needed for scrolling under the submenu adjusts now to the number of lines in submenu.


  • On small screens map will be displayed under event location.
  • map with will be adjusted for small screens


  • Title of product is now smaller because of smaller screens.
  • Several adjustements where needed to dislay correctly.

Footer icons

  • Icons are now horizontally placed in the middle. This was not the case.
  • New method for centering was used.


  • Thumbnail images can now float over the page to adjust to smaller screens.

Previous page – next page

  • Is now correctly centered. Was not in the middle.


  • Form is now always closed from the start. Was always first opened when loading on mobiles.