Digital Download: Tantra, Sarpá-vid, Music for Meditation


This music takes you onto a journey of discovery of your inner powers and qualities, supporting you into letting go of what separates you from living life blissfully. It lovingly seduces you into awakening and trusting your Sarpá. This inner exploration is supported by a step-by-step guided meditation for individuals as well as lovers.


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The download comprises:
*  Music for meditation
*  A PDF booklet describing and guiding the steps of the Sarpá-Vid Meditation.

This music is composed of three tracks to accompany you into the Tantric Meditation of the Sarpá-Vid, meaning the snake charmer. The meditation method is for you to open up fully your life force through your whole body and to let it expand in your subtle body where it calls forth the Kundalini force to vibrate through your energy centers (chakras). Kundalini is then making visible and sensible the qualities of consciousness held in all the chakras making it possible for you to manifest them in your life.

This meditation can be practiced with a partner or alone.

The Sarpá-Vid Meditation Music is composed by Nirava. The meditation has been created by Pema Gitama, the founder of WildTantra.

The download comprises high quality mp3 files and a pdf booklet describing the meditation and its steps. If you wish to download the music in a different file format, you can go to our bandcamp page.

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