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WildTantra Family of lovers who love you!!


Pema (Gitama):

Tantra became her path and way of life when in 1999 her Tantric Master Leela from the Kaula of the Heart lineage revealed herself to her and started sharing secret tantric methods, which Pema explores and transmits ever since. She then became appointed to be the “Mama” of the Kaula and to take the responsibility to preserve, to enrich and to share its precious wisdom to mankind. For it in 2011, she founded WildTantra where she offers a totally new dimension of Tantra connected to the wisdom of ancient rituals, initiations and methods from the Masters of the Kaula of the Heart of All such as Leela, Arya, Noor…
Her unique way of transmitting Tantra carries a great deal of wildness, love, sharpness and an unpredictable sense of humour which add freshness to the intensive retreats she shares around the globe with WildTantra.

She is the author of the books:
Tantra, The Whispering Transmission (2010),
Tantra Sarpá-vid, The Snake Charmer Initiation (2012, Book and CD)
VBT 16, Glory of the Lotus (2014, Book and CD)
Tantra, The Hidden Mystery (Publication April 2017)

One of her favorite quotes:
“You can always love more…”




The guard is the youngest tantrica of the family. He is our precious diamond. He is co-teaching with Pema Gitama since 2010 and also is her Tantric partner. His teaching style is one of silence and healing. You will not hear him speak much, but his silent loving presence imparts a lot to the one tuning into it. He transfers his healing quality in the retreats during your process of meditation to support the opening of your body and energy with special sweet light coming from another dimension, which only he knows about!

What he says about himself and his work: “To be a the service of love is what Tantra awakens in me all the time. There is no greater gift than surrender to love. In contact with people in the retreats, I open myself to be a vehicle for the healing force of love. I let it act through me. I never know what is going to happen. I just see that it is happening. It is magical, mysterious, blissful…”

One of his favorite quotes:
“I don’t know nothing… and it feels good!”




The elf has landed magically in the family in 2008. Her background in children care is a must of simplicity, innocence – helping everyone to return to the present moment. Definitely a wild tantrica who carries in her heart and body the spirit of nature as her only Master. Through her dance, song and sally smoke she can seduce everybody into sensual relaxation and playfulness in no time!

One of her favorite quotes:
“and life is beautiful this way…”



The chef is our beloved cook during the retreats in the Netherlands as well as a Tantrica since 2005. He has followed all the Tantra retreats we offer to finally make the kitchen his own tantric temple. While you are in the group room nourishing yourself and others with love, he is the one taking care of your body in a special way: steaming courgette, roasting tofu and more. All with great care and magic spells to nourish your senses with new flavors and your body with new energy. When he is not in the kitchen you will find him on special occasions, with his Mantra band in the group room singing, playing guitar, sitar for you to celebrate, dance or to move deep into the silence of your meditation.

One of his favorite quotes:
“To cook is to practice love…”



The joyful-one is a well-trained tantrica who carries a contagious silent joy which he spreads since 2011 in our retreats with great delight. Before finding his nest in the WildTantra Team he has followed various approaches of Tantra where he has acquired lovely experiences in energy work. In direct sensual contact during your meditation he is the one who supports you to fly high in bliss.

One of his favorite quotes:
“Life is too short to be serious.
Laughter opens a thousand roses within you…”



The wild witch, our long time tantrica, friend, caretaker, healer and organizer in Belgium. She assists in as many retreats as she can, which meant all of them in Holland since 2004. As a professional physiotherapist, acupuncturist, Ito-thermie practitioner and healer, she offers you great support when your body doesn’t know how to deal with an overwhelming energy flow or when your body doesn’t want to wake up to the energy flow. She is the one who will wake it with those special skills of her!

One of her favourite quotes:
“Life is life!”



The healer, arrived in 2009 in the family as photographer. From behind his camera the Tantra light magically touched him and awoke the tantric healer in him. His healing tools are crystals and his body! His presence  offers a mysterious dimension to dive into which ground everyone in simplicity, fluidity and silence. With his sensual healing force he can juice you up instantly and at some other time wake you up from laziness too!!

One of his favorite quotes:
“Heart, heart heart…”



The enchantress is assisting in the family since 2005  already where she has become a well-known warm tantrica. Her background as a Trainer in Emotional Bodywork at Venwoude, where she has lived and worked for 9 years, has given her precious abilities to deal with body and emotional structures. As a professional masseur and breath-work therapist, She knows exactly how to seduce you into letting go, enjoying your energy with great simplicity and sensual sweetness.

One of her favorite quotes:
“Be simple, open and easy…”



The devotee is our organizer, administrator and private care taker of Gitama. From behind her laptop, she is the one welcoming you and arranging about everything for you on a practical level to ease your venue to the retreat’s place. In the group room, she reveals another dimension of her by transmitting a loving sensual energy to soften or activate your body-energy. As a professional coach in intimacy and long time tantrica, she has enough tools in her heart and body to lift you up into realms of ecstasy!

One of her favorite quotes:
“Laugh, love…and die”