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Did you ever realize

that everything

fulfilling in life

is wild?


Love, consciousness, bliss, orgasm, ecstasy… These are dimensions of union that have one thing in common: they are wild!

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Kaula Heart of All

Energetic force that binds all the Tantricas of the same lineage

Force that binds all

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AHAM Meditation Retreat VBT 8-day,

15 July 2024 - 23 July 2024, Gomarduli Dao Space, Gomarduli

Retreat 7 - Noor Ritual 5-day,

31 August 2024 - 04 September 2024, Meeuwenveen, Havelte

Retreat 3 - Kundalini Awakening 4-day,

12 September 2024 - 15 September 2024, Code49 – Venwoude, Lage Vuursche

RAJA Lovers Retreat 8-day,

28 September 2024 - 05 October 2024, Soul Valley, Sardinia

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