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The Great Desire


I could write a whole book about it, but one chapter of my next book can be enough to offer you some answers about this delicate hot subject in Tantra!

Here some explanations extracted from my book: Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries which will be launched April 2017.

“Listen carefully, my dear lovers. The Great Desire pushes the man and the woman to come closer, to melt, to become one, and yet at the same time it divides them. Look closely at the moment of creation, when the sperm meets the ovule; what is really happening? They do not become one, they divide into two and then four and six and finally into millions of cells which will become one body. We see one body, but we forget that it was created by division, not oneness. There was a momentary union when the sperm and the ovule met, but immediately after this union, division started. What a strange play! The man and woman’s desire for closeness, for togetherness, for disappearing into each other, for melting into one another, for ultimate union, for becoming one has become three! Existence uses some very strange mathematics where one plus one equals three! In our rational view it equals two. And in our spiritual quest it equals one. So who is deceiving whom?…”

Here are some understandings…
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Going Deep…



What does it mean when you say: 
“I went deep” or “I go deep”?…

I hear these a lot and many times I wonder what this is all about.
Where do you go to when you go deep?

I do also express myself this way. I do refer to depths, especially in our Tantra retreats where I do ask people to go deep. But I realise by and by that there is a misunderstanding on what this depth is about.

Here are some understandings…
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Who had made you afraid of love?


Beloved Tantrica,

This year the world has been and still is in a chaos. It is not a new chaos. It is there since a long time, but this year it has taken a bigger proportion. A war which can easily be called a third world war is shaking the whole world. On the Path of Tantra, it is said to accept everything, because everything can be transformed. Looking at war, I must say it is not easy to figure out what can be transformed there. But not so long ago in one of our recent retreats, I got a transmission which sheds a new light on what is going on in our chaotic time.

I like to share this transmission with you as a gift to make us all move out of the fear that has been imparted on us since millennia and which keeps us all out of love.

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WildTantra Revolution!

The essence of Tantra by Pema Gitama…

A wind of revolution blew through the Wild Tantra Path of Awakening. It shook the WildTantra structures that were once solid and constant. A few retreats fell apart and some new ones were born!

And to be honest with all of you: I am so delighted!

What is the essence of this revolution?
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From Pleasure into Bliss!



The essence of Tantra by Pema Gitama…

What does lovemaking create in us? What does lovemaking awaken in us?…
The Yoga of Creation offers the answers in a lovely, sensual disturbing approach where our believes, concept of what is love, what is divine, what is spiritual get shattered in order to open up a window into the reality of creation within us. From this window we have the choice to take a jump into the unknown, the unnamed. This jump is pure bliss!


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Wake Up!!!


Wake Up!!

The essence of Tantra by Pema Gitama…

The essence of every spiritual Path is about waking up and the Tantra Path is one of them, but it can be easily misused. Misused for ones own pleasure, desire and ego. You can use Tantra as a very powerful entertainment that keeps you in the illusion that you are awake while actually you are simply feeding your dream of awakening!

I hear many people say: “I long to be awakened.” It always makes me silently giggle, because I can see it is not true. At night, before going to sleep, you put an alarm clock in order to wake up the next morning! You do not trust your silly longing of waking up because you know yourself, once asleep you will indulge into some nice dreams in your cozy bed. Somewhere you can’t deceive yourself completely. You know your weakness! So you put an alarm clock to wake up!…

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WildTantra Best Wishes 2015