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RAJA Lovers Retreat

What are Desire and Pleasure?


Is it possible to use them as a stepping stone to Consciousness?
Or is all a source of suffering?

Desire and pleasure are part of the journey of life. They motivate our actions, decisions, and relationships. We get some momentary fulfilments from them and some frustrations too! The frustrations lead to more desire for pleasurable moments. It goes on and on. We are prisoners of this loop, which generates much suffering.

Is there a way out of the loop which doesn’t condemn pleasure and desire?
Entering the emptiness of the Heart is the essential Step!

RAJA Lovers Retreat explores this step through a Ritual involving the embrace, the caresses, and the kisses between two lovers. All the intimate gestures of the lovers are a means to fuse the body with intense life energy. While channelling this energy to the Heart, we provoke a meeting beyond ego, personality, restricted beliefs, and dreams. A true meeting happens by blending refined physical sensations with high awareness, discipline, and devotion during the Ritual.

The preparation for the Ritual during the retreat invites the lovers to move out of mechanical sex and mind projections and expectations. It is a profound enquiry into the body’s rhythms, breath, mind and the emptiness of the Heart. The retreat supports lovers in awakening their energies and bodies to refined sensitivity and vitality to activate their potential for love and consciousness.

 The main areas of exploration:
Learning & practising the Raja Ritual
Practicing the Yoga of Creation
Entering the Great Desire
Centering in the emptiness of the Heart
Reviving Wonder
Opening to the forces of Creation

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New Year = New Retreat

New Year = New Retreat


A new retreat for 2024!
Guess what?

A retreat especially for Lovers!

Over the last 25 years of offering Tantra retreats, I have been profoundly looking at the dynamic Couples/Lovers. It has puzzled me and, from time to time, irritated me a lot! I discovered some essential distinctions between these two dynamics of the relationship between a man and a woman.
Couples dynamic is about manipulation, domination, abuse…
Lovers dynamic is about consciousness, love, peace…

I don’t blame couples!
I have been in that dynamic. I know the hell this can be!
I just like to make a distinction in potential between a man and a woman.
It can turn very destructive or very creative.
These two aspects are the two sides of the same coin: Life Energy.

It is a matter of how we channel it.
The same hand can caress or kill!
The same mouth can kiss or insult!

When couples channel their life energy in harmonious ways, they become lovers. And lovers support the expansion of consciousness, of love.
Lovers are very creative and transformative.
They can extract diamonds of bliss from the raw life force.

This year, I decided to support the diamonds between a man and a woman!
RAJA Lovers Retreat is the setting, the temple, for such support.

Much love and gratitude,

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Book Launch & Celebration of Pema’s New Book!

28 November 2023
19:00 to 22:00


Vondelstraat 120, 1054 GS Amsterdam

Book Launch & Celebration of Pema Gitama’s new book:
Tantra Vol III, The Path of Awakening


Pema will present her new book in a celebration evening. She will share the sources of inspiration of her book, read some parts of it and sign it. The evening will be filled with Medicine Songs with Styrmir Jósúa Gunnarsson, blissful dance with DJ Dariya Mirjam van Hasselt (5 Rhythms) and meetings with many beautiful friends.

What the book is about:
Tantra, Path of Awakening is a follow-up to Tantra Vol II, The Hidden Mysteries (2017). The author shares the wisdom of various Tantric Masters through the telling of an audacious journey undertaken by a young Tibetan woman named Pema. Her adventures take her and her dear friends into the remotest mountains of Tibet. Here, they encounter Masters of an ancient Tantric lineage who guard hidden sacred sites and teach them secret initiations, healing methods and energy practices which open their perception of reality into totally new dimensions.

This truly unexpected and original story offers profound understandings from a lineage unrevealed until now. It shatters preconceived notions of Tantra and transmits meditation practices and healing methods for those who wish to explore the Path of Tantra.

Illustrations include the outstanding photography by Arjun Roodink, the graceful artwork by Tashi Mannox and the precious drawings by Taki Runa.

The book contains three parts:
– The breath-taking story of Initiations to an ancient secret Tantra lineage
– A guide to Tantric meditation practices and healing methods illustrated with full-page colour photos
– Photographs, artwork and surprises…

17 x 2,8 x 24 cm
480 pages
1100 grams
ISBN 978-2-9545846-6-9
English language
Published by Kaula Heart of All 2023


Read the second part in Tantra Vol II, The Hidden Mysteries (2010)

From the same author:
Tantra Vol I, The Whispering Transmission (2010),
Tantra Sarpá-vid, The Snake Charmer Initiation (2012, Book and CD)
VBT 16, Glory of the Lotus (2014, Book and CD)
Tantra Vol II, The Hidden Mysteries (2017)
Tantra Vol III, The Path of Awakening (November 2023)

Please bring something like a pillow or yoga mat to sit comfortably…

Where is Here & Now?

Where is Here & Now?

Weird question isn’t it!

The intellectual answer is easy: Here and now is in the present moment!
But we cannot fool ourselves too long with intellectual gibberish!
We are honest enough to admit that we know where is the here and now but oddly enough we can’t find it.
How interesting and funny is this!
I guess all the ones that did and do find it are compassionately laughing loud at our ignorance!
Hopefully you can laugh too!
Let’s not make a drama of our situation. Better find the most beautiful way to finally rest into the Here and Now.
I did try many ways coming from various traditions.
I found Tantra to be the most straight forward invitation into the Here and Now.
Tantra doesn’t use doctrine, dogma, nor condemnation or priesting, not even teaching.
Tantra invites through sharing crazy wisdom!
It seduces us gently, lovingly, gracefully into the Here and Now
through meditation methods centering us to our closest reality which is our body.
The magic trick here is: the body cannot be in the future neither in the past.
It can only be Here and Now!
If we fully center ourselves into the body we finally land into Here & Now.
New dimensions of reality open up.
Dimensions that are no more ruled by past and future, which means not ruled by mind, by division.
We enter our everlasting presence, our eternal being right there at the center of the Heart!
Tantra has very clear steps! It doesn’t go round with complicated ways. It jumps straight into the essential!
The body is the stepping “stone” for entering the Heart of the Here & Now!

Would you like to take the jump?
Would you like to enter the Here & Now? Your presence, your essence, your home…

Hmmm… I take your silence as a Yes!!!
Join us this year for some graceful adventures into the Here & Now!
We still have some places available for the Silent Orgasm Retreat starting end of March and two places for our precious Couple retreat in May, and for daring women, we have the Matka retreat in September.

Check our program here!

See you soon in the Here & Now!

With love and gratitude,


2023 Be Responsible!

Don’t lie.

Don’t steal.

Don’t kill.


Many traditions and religions share these rules.
Ancient Egyptians hoped that after death, they would live for eternity in the Field of the Reeds, the Egyptian’s afterlife paradise. To go there they had to go through a series of test in the underworld. The most important of these tests took place in the hall of judgement before Osiris, God of the death and resurrection. To get to paradise, the person had to stand in front of 42 judges and swear that they had not committed certain sins such as “I didn’t lie, I didn’t steal, I didn’t kill.” After that came the weighing of the heart, where the person’s heart was weighed against the feather of truth and justice. If the heart was heavier than the feather, it would be eaten by a crocodile-headed demon and the person was lost forever. But if the heart and the feather were in balance, the person was declared “true of voice” and the journey to the Field of Reeds could begin.

Would you enter the Field of Reeds?

When I heard this story, I couldn’t sleep a whole night. I was just wondering if I would enter the Field of the Reeds and who would? I quickly came to the conclusion that I would definitely not enter there. I did lie, I did steal and I did kill many mosquitoes.
So who would enter the Field of Reeds?
Who has never lied, never stolen and never killed?
Can you show me this person please?

We lie constantly; out of arrogance, out of pride, but mostly out of ignorance. We are so much pretending to be somebody we are not. To my point of view this stands as a lie. As long as we are moving around with masks we are lying.
We steal attention from each other out of neediness and loneliness. The selfie generation is full of thieves! We steal energy from each other out of weakness. We are all thieves in a subtle or rude way.
As for killing it is inevitable. While you have your morning walk in the forest how many ants are killed under your steps? Yes, I take it to the depths! It is not just about killing a human, no?
I am convinced that on this human plane, nobody can enter the Field of Reeds. Even a Buddha would not make it there!


Take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, your words. 
Well that’s it! If we could start from being responsible, I guess we would not need an afterlife paradise. We would create it right here on this planet!
In taking responsibility, we become more conscious, more loving, more caring. This way lying, stealing becomes very difficult. As for killing, like I mentioned above, it is inevitable, but at least by being responsible we would minimise our killing to just the inevitable!


For 2023 all I wish to us is that we take responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, our words.
And this way start a new way of living, creating on this amazing beautiful planet Earth!


With love and gratitude,


It is Time to Travel!

What about combining a travel inward and outward?
This is what we offer you in 2023!

We have created two beautiful retreats for you to dive deep within yourself and to immerse yourself into outstanding landscapes! Nature is the greatest teacher and the best one to support us into deep meditation state.

We have two destinations: Costa Rica and Peru

In Costa Rica, we offer a Meditation retreat based on the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.
This retreat is open to everyone. At the moment, we have few places left for men.
In Peru, we finally offer a retreat specially for Couple! A beautiful opportunity for couples to learn new ways to meet on deeper level of love and consciousness.


Aham Retreat is a unique transformative process where you practice some of the most profound methods of the VBT. Through the methods you can awaken your perception of Reality and ignite your capacity to weave all opposite energies and forces within you. It is a unique opportunity to unfold your ability to enter the space of Hridaya, the Supreme Heart where everything is Consciousness…
Read more…


RAJA Ritual unfolds different aspects of the lovers’ intimacy such as sexuality, conscious relating, devotion, creativity… It opens their energies, bodies, and understanding to new levels of sensuality, bliss and deep togetherness. The Ritual reveals and expands the divine resources as much as the orgasmic flow in the lovers, thus creating the possibility of a meeting beyond ego and personality where only love and consciousness remain to be experienced.


I wish you all well and I wish you all to find the force to awaken!


The Dance of the One

The Dance of the One is a mysterious play with Duality.

The One presents her/himself has two.
But is it really true? Or is it simply that we have a narrow vision which makes us see only one part of the dance instead of the whole of it?
Deep in meditation the two appears as one.
Deep in love the two reveals as one.
Deep in the mind the two shows as multiple faced!
How much we get deceived by the mind faculty to divide depend on how much we identify with all the pieces of the puzzle it presents us!
In Tantra, we laugh about it!
We know this are just some pieces and that the real picture is to be found somewhere else, deep within us in the Hridaya, the Supreme Heart where Consciousness resides.
Now, how to find this place and how to ground in it?
Meditation, meditation, meditation…. Is it clear?
Read it again!


There is no short cut!
Meditation is the method to enter the centre of the Supreme Heart.
There are many methods of Meditation. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, one of the oldest Tantra scriptures contains 112 methods. It is the one I have chosen 27 years ago and it is the one I like to share with you!

AHAM Meditation Retreat
After many years of offering The Path of Awakening; a two years process of 7 retreats, I feel I need to offer something more in the line of traditional Tantra Meditation methods. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (VBT) has always been my source of inspiration and my guide. Now, it is the right moment to devote a retreat only to its methods. This will happen from the 8 to 14 January 2023 in Costa Rica under the name AHAM Meditation Retreat VBT. This is the first retreat of this type and it is the beginning of many more such as AHAM Silent Retreat… For now, we start with AHAM Meditation Retreat VBT!
Join us on this journey to find out what and where is Hridaya, the Supreme Heart!
Read more


In the meanwhile we have many retreats to come! And one of them is very dear to my heart: Star Awakening 1 –  Wild Women from 1 to 4 September in The Netherlands. A retreat totally at the service of women’s orgasmic energy, body and spirit! It is the first time I offer a women retreat in Europe. Through this retreat, I honour the call of many women who have asked for it seems many years. Thank you beautiful sisters for the push!
Few places left….


I wish you all well and I wish you all to find the force to awaken!



Up coming Retreats
in The Netherlands
Level 1
Kundalini Awakening 8 – 11 September
Arya Ritual 24 – 27 November
Level 2
Noor Ritual 14 – 18 September


Women Retreat
in The Netherlands 
1 – 4 September


Info & Registration: info@wildtantra.com


Men: the Spark of Creation!

Men: The Spark of Creation…
This letter is mostly addressed to Men, but I send it to Women also because you will all benefit from it.
Men! The spark of creation!
How amazingly powerful!
Look at it from a biological point of view:
The woman’s ovule is activated by the sperm of the man. It means without the input of the men there will be no creation, no form.
Men are the ones activating all forms!
This is so immense when you really feel it…


Men have such a task in the process of creation. It is such a responsibility.
How to bring the spark of creation without the shadow of competition, of arrogance, of pride, of success, of selfishness…?
Men have the responsibility to activate creation with the most profound respect for harmony, for the benefit of love, of consciousness. It demands such awareness, such clarity and also to be at service of the whole.
Not easy!… Especially in a world that promotes mostly the opposite!
Men need to channel so precisely their power, their intention; otherwise it can take so many directions from activating beauty to activating destruction, war…
Men have the potential to activate anything…
Where to channel the spark of creation?
How to do it?
It is like you are at a crossroad all the time. You need constantly to feel which direction to take. But imagine the crossroad has millions of possible roads to take!
Crazy, isn’t it?
Yes!  And that is why they need to align with the power of love… they need to feel it so deeply. There they centre themselves. They listen to the higher purpose of love, of creation and they put themselves at service of the direction given to them in this centring moment.
Finally, they offer their spark, and they activate the play of creation!


To all men:  I bow down with respect to your ability to feel, to sense where to offer your spark of creation.
And I put myself and my work at your service. I support you to stand at the crossroad of creation with brightness, with joy, with clarity.
I like to encourage all men to look deeply into their role of creation. To learn how to channel properly their spark of creation. To understand what it is to sense the “right” direction. To also understand that their spark of creation is landing in the big Mother, the female universal womb where all forms manifest.


This is what I offer to men: a space where you can learn, investigate, clear, heal, awaken the power of Initiating Creation.


You like to learn?
Come join us: wildtantra.com


With love and gratitude!



Path of Awakening 2022 
in The Netherlands
Level 1
Orgasmic Body 10 – 13 March
Female/Male Orgasm 1 – 5 June
Kundalini Awakening 8 – 11 September
Arya Ritual 24 – 27 November
Level 2
Silent Orgasm 17 – 20 March
Inner Diamond 9 – 12 June
Noor Ritual 14 – 18 September
Info & Registration: info@wildtantra.com


Women Retreat 2022 
in The Netherlands 
1 – 4 September


Path of Awakening 2022
In France for the first time!!
Orgasmic Body 30 June – 3 July
Info & Registration: contact@wildtantra.com

Eyes to see a new present!

The year is heading towards the winter solstice; the return of the light and hopefully it will shine bright in the heart of everyone and bring forward new vision, new perception of life full of peace and harmony…


Eyes to see a new present…
This is what I like to motivate everyone at: opening the perception of the heart for us to perceive the beauty of life and the creative forces we all carry. Bringing in action all the best in us at the benefit of the whole, harmony for our communities, our families, our planet. It feels like an urgency right now. I don’t think we have excuses anymore to keep ourselves blinded by the illusion that everything will be fine. The famous:” This too will pass” is not valid anymore! Though sure this will pass – these crazy time we are in – but how will they pass? Can we make it pass beautifully? Or we let it pass while destroying our most precious life and many lives on this planet?
I guess it is all our own individual choice, though I really wonder if we do have a choice right now!! Do we? Personally, I don’t think so. Actually, I think that since the beginning of time we have only one choice: AWAKENING! Just it seems we are taking really long to get it!!
How many more wars, viruses, fascist governments do we need before we get it? …
The dark forces at display since many centuries that now are becoming more powerful are really compassionate it seems like! So much crazy work they display in order for us to wake up!! Hopefully we get it before they manage to annihilate the whole of us!!
Hmmmm…. Just breath…. Stretch out, listen to your heartbeat and follow its rhythm:
Create a New Present!!


For 2022, at WildTantra, we like to offer some more retreats. We like to be more available to the expansion of love and consciousness in the world.

It feels of huge importance to spread a message of awakening to as many people as possible!
In The Netherlands, we for sure bring the Path of Awakening which this year celebrates its 10 years anniversary! The registration is now open!! And we will also offer a women’s retreat: Star Awakening, The Wild Woman in September. In June we will be for the first time in France offering our famous retreat Orgasmic Body. In the summer, we will be in Russia for the Star Awakening: The Wise Woman and for the level 3 and 4 of the Path of Awakening.

You can find the whole agenda bellow.


I wish you all well and I wish you all to find the force to awaken!



Path of Awakening 2022 
in The Netherlands
Level 1
Orgasmic Body 10 – 13 March
Female/Male Orgasm 1 – 5 June
Kundalini Awakening 8 – 11 September
Arya Ritual 24 – 27 November
Level 2
Silent Orgasm 17 – 20 March
Inner Diamond 9 – 12 June
Noor Ritual 14 – 18 September
Info & Registration: info@wildtantra.com


Women Retreat 2022 
in The Netherlands 
1 – 4 September


Path of Awakening 2022
In France for the first time!!
Orgasmic Body 30 June – 3 July
Info & Registration: contact@wildtantra.com

Summer Good News!!

“I have some really good news for you all…”

The first news makes me really happy!
Finally the long awaited russian version of my second book:
“Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries” is available I will presentation it on the 27 July in Moscow.
You can find all the info bellow.
You can already purchase the book on tantrabook.ru.
The English version is available on wildtantra.com.

The second one is a big celebration!
We will be in Russia soon, actually very soon! I have been missing my russian family so much.
It is almost two years we couldn’t be together!
Finally we will be reunited! We will share two retreats: Star Awakening from 28 July to 1 August and the Path of Awakening level1 from 9 to 18 August.

The third news is a new adventure! For the first time we will be in Ukraine! We will offer the Orgasmic Body retreat in Kiev from 2 to 5 September.

And the last news: if you are not that keen to travel to Russia, you can always find us in the Netherlands! We have some few places available in the retreats of the Path of Awakening!


With the wish to share, to learn, to heal, to celebrate with you….



NEW Dates Path of Awakening 2021

Level 1
Orgasmic Body 3 – 6 June
Female/Male Orgasm 8 – 12 September
Kundalini Awakening 4 – 7 November
Arya Ritual 25 – 28 November


Level 2
Inner Sky 10 – 13 June
The Weaver 16 – 19 September
Noor Ritual 1 – 5 December


Info & Registration