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Where is Here & Now?

By 13 March 2023 No Comments

Where is Here & Now?

Weird question isn’t it!

The intellectual answer is easy: Here and now is in the present moment!
But we cannot fool ourselves too long with intellectual gibberish!
We are honest enough to admit that we know where is the here and now but oddly enough we can’t find it.
How interesting and funny is this!
I guess all the ones that did and do find it are compassionately laughing loud at our ignorance!
Hopefully you can laugh too!
Let’s not make a drama of our situation. Better find the most beautiful way to finally rest into the Here and Now.
I did try many ways coming from various traditions.
I found Tantra to be the most straight forward invitation into the Here and Now.
Tantra doesn’t use doctrine, dogma, nor condemnation or priesting, not even teaching.
Tantra invites through sharing crazy wisdom!
It seduces us gently, lovingly, gracefully into the Here and Now
through meditation methods centering us to our closest reality which is our body.
The magic trick here is: the body cannot be in the future neither in the past.
It can only be Here and Now!
If we fully center ourselves into the body we finally land into Here & Now.
New dimensions of reality open up.
Dimensions that are no more ruled by past and future, which means not ruled by mind, by division.
We enter our everlasting presence, our eternal being right there at the center of the Heart!
Tantra has very clear steps! It doesn’t go round with complicated ways. It jumps straight into the essential!
The body is the stepping “stone” for entering the Heart of the Here & Now!

Would you like to take the jump?
Would you like to enter the Here & Now? Your presence, your essence, your home…

Hmmm… I take your silence as a Yes!!!
Join us this year for some graceful adventures into the Here & Now!
We still have some places available for the Silent Orgasm Retreat starting end of March and two places for our precious Couple retreat in May, and for daring women, we have the Matka retreat in September.

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See you soon in the Here & Now!

With love and gratitude,