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The Dance of the One

By 4 July 2022 No Comments

The Dance of the One is a mysterious play with Duality.

The One presents her/himself has two.
But is it really true? Or is it simply that we have a narrow vision which makes us see only one part of the dance instead of the whole of it?
Deep in meditation the two appears as one.
Deep in love the two reveals as one.
Deep in the mind the two shows as multiple faced!
How much we get deceived by the mind faculty to divide depend on how much we identify with all the pieces of the puzzle it presents us!
In Tantra, we laugh about it!
We know this are just some pieces and that the real picture is to be found somewhere else, deep within us in the Hridaya, the Supreme Heart where Consciousness resides.
Now, how to find this place and how to ground in it?
Meditation, meditation, meditation…. Is it clear?
Read it again!


There is no short cut!
Meditation is the method to enter the centre of the Supreme Heart.
There are many methods of Meditation. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, one of the oldest Tantra scriptures contains 112 methods. It is the one I have chosen 27 years ago and it is the one I like to share with you!

AHAM Meditation Retreat
After many years of offering The Path of Awakening; a two years process of 7 retreats, I feel I need to offer something more in the line of traditional Tantra Meditation methods. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (VBT) has always been my source of inspiration and my guide. Now, it is the right moment to devote a retreat only to its methods. This will happen from the 8 to 14 January 2023 in Costa Rica under the name AHAM Meditation Retreat VBT. This is the first retreat of this type and it is the beginning of many more such as AHAM Silent Retreat… For now, we start with AHAM Meditation Retreat VBT!
Join us on this journey to find out what and where is Hridaya, the Supreme Heart!
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In the meanwhile we have many retreats to come! And one of them is very dear to my heart: Star Awakening 1 –  Wild Women from 1 to 4 September in The Netherlands. A retreat totally at the service of women’s orgasmic energy, body and spirit! It is the first time I offer a women retreat in Europe. Through this retreat, I honour the call of many women who have asked for it seems many years. Thank you beautiful sisters for the push!
Few places left….


I wish you all well and I wish you all to find the force to awaken!



Up coming Retreats
in The Netherlands
Level 1
Kundalini Awakening 8 – 11 September
Arya Ritual 24 – 27 November
Level 2
Noor Ritual 14 – 18 September


Women Retreat
in The Netherlands 
1 – 4 September


Info & Registration: info@wildtantra.com