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New Year = New Retreat

By 2 January 2024 No Comments

New Year = New Retreat


A new retreat for 2024!
Guess what?

A retreat especially for Lovers!

Over the last 25 years of offering Tantra retreats, I have been profoundly looking at the dynamic Couples/Lovers. It has puzzled me and, from time to time, irritated me a lot! I discovered some essential distinctions between these two dynamics of the relationship between a man and a woman.
Couples dynamic is about manipulation, domination, abuse…
Lovers dynamic is about consciousness, love, peace…

I don’t blame couples!
I have been in that dynamic. I know the hell this can be!
I just like to make a distinction in potential between a man and a woman.
It can turn very destructive or very creative.
These two aspects are the two sides of the same coin: Life Energy.

It is a matter of how we channel it.
The same hand can caress or kill!
The same mouth can kiss or insult!

When couples channel their life energy in harmonious ways, they become lovers. And lovers support the expansion of consciousness, of love.
Lovers are very creative and transformative.
They can extract diamonds of bliss from the raw life force.

This year, I decided to support the diamonds between a man and a woman!
RAJA Lovers Retreat is the setting, the temple, for such support.

Much love and gratitude,

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