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Men: the Spark of Creation!

By 20 January 2022 No Comments
Men: The Spark of Creation…
This letter is mostly addressed to Men, but I send it to Women also because you will all benefit from it.
Men! The spark of creation!
How amazingly powerful!
Look at it from a biological point of view:
The woman’s ovule is activated by the sperm of the man. It means without the input of the men there will be no creation, no form.
Men are the ones activating all forms!
This is so immense when you really feel it…


Men have such a task in the process of creation. It is such a responsibility.
How to bring the spark of creation without the shadow of competition, of arrogance, of pride, of success, of selfishness…?
Men have the responsibility to activate creation with the most profound respect for harmony, for the benefit of love, of consciousness. It demands such awareness, such clarity and also to be at service of the whole.
Not easy!… Especially in a world that promotes mostly the opposite!
Men need to channel so precisely their power, their intention; otherwise it can take so many directions from activating beauty to activating destruction, war…
Men have the potential to activate anything…
Where to channel the spark of creation?
How to do it?
It is like you are at a crossroad all the time. You need constantly to feel which direction to take. But imagine the crossroad has millions of possible roads to take!
Crazy, isn’t it?
Yes!  And that is why they need to align with the power of love… they need to feel it so deeply. There they centre themselves. They listen to the higher purpose of love, of creation and they put themselves at service of the direction given to them in this centring moment.
Finally, they offer their spark, and they activate the play of creation!


To all men:  I bow down with respect to your ability to feel, to sense where to offer your spark of creation.
And I put myself and my work at your service. I support you to stand at the crossroad of creation with brightness, with joy, with clarity.
I like to encourage all men to look deeply into their role of creation. To learn how to channel properly their spark of creation. To understand what it is to sense the “right” direction. To also understand that their spark of creation is landing in the big Mother, the female universal womb where all forms manifest.


This is what I offer to men: a space where you can learn, investigate, clear, heal, awaken the power of Initiating Creation.


You like to learn?
Come join us: wildtantra.com


With love and gratitude!



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