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RAJA Lovers Retreat

By 2 January 2024 No Comments

What are Desire and Pleasure?


Is it possible to use them as a stepping stone to Consciousness?
Or is all a source of suffering?

Desire and pleasure are part of the journey of life. They motivate our actions, decisions, and relationships. We get some momentary fulfilments from them and some frustrations too! The frustrations lead to more desire for pleasurable moments. It goes on and on. We are prisoners of this loop, which generates much suffering.

Is there a way out of the loop which doesn’t condemn pleasure and desire?
Entering the emptiness of the Heart is the essential Step!

RAJA Lovers Retreat explores this step through a Ritual involving the embrace, the caresses, and the kisses between two lovers. All the intimate gestures of the lovers are a means to fuse the body with intense life energy. While channelling this energy to the Heart, we provoke a meeting beyond ego, personality, restricted beliefs, and dreams. A true meeting happens by blending refined physical sensations with high awareness, discipline, and devotion during the Ritual.

The preparation for the Ritual during the retreat invites the lovers to move out of mechanical sex and mind projections and expectations. It is a profound enquiry into the body’s rhythms, breath, mind and the emptiness of the Heart. The retreat supports lovers in awakening their energies and bodies to refined sensitivity and vitality to activate their potential for love and consciousness.

 The main areas of exploration:
Learning & practising the Raja Ritual
Practicing the Yoga of Creation
Entering the Great Desire
Centering in the emptiness of the Heart
Reviving Wonder
Opening to the forces of Creation

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