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Eyes to see a new present!

By 12 December 2021 No Comments

The year is heading towards the winter solstice; the return of the light and hopefully it will shine bright in the heart of everyone and bring forward new vision, new perception of life full of peace and harmony…


Eyes to see a new present…
This is what I like to motivate everyone at: opening the perception of the heart for us to perceive the beauty of life and the creative forces we all carry. Bringing in action all the best in us at the benefit of the whole, harmony for our communities, our families, our planet. It feels like an urgency right now. I don’t think we have excuses anymore to keep ourselves blinded by the illusion that everything will be fine. The famous:” This too will pass” is not valid anymore! Though sure this will pass – these crazy time we are in – but how will they pass? Can we make it pass beautifully? Or we let it pass while destroying our most precious life and many lives on this planet?
I guess it is all our own individual choice, though I really wonder if we do have a choice right now!! Do we? Personally, I don’t think so. Actually, I think that since the beginning of time we have only one choice: AWAKENING! Just it seems we are taking really long to get it!!
How many more wars, viruses, fascist governments do we need before we get it? …
The dark forces at display since many centuries that now are becoming more powerful are really compassionate it seems like! So much crazy work they display in order for us to wake up!! Hopefully we get it before they manage to annihilate the whole of us!!
Hmmmm…. Just breath…. Stretch out, listen to your heartbeat and follow its rhythm:
Create a New Present!!


For 2022, at WildTantra, we like to offer some more retreats. We like to be more available to the expansion of love and consciousness in the world.

It feels of huge importance to spread a message of awakening to as many people as possible!
In The Netherlands, we for sure bring the Path of Awakening which this year celebrates its 10 years anniversary! The registration is now open!! And we will also offer a women’s retreat: Star Awakening, The Wild Woman in September. In June we will be for the first time in France offering our famous retreat Orgasmic Body. In the summer, we will be in Russia for the Star Awakening: The Wise Woman and for the level 3 and 4 of the Path of Awakening.

You can find the whole agenda bellow.


I wish you all well and I wish you all to find the force to awaken!



Path of Awakening 2022 
in The Netherlands
Level 1
Orgasmic Body 10 – 13 March
Female/Male Orgasm 1 – 5 June
Kundalini Awakening 8 – 11 September
Arya Ritual 24 – 27 November
Level 2
Silent Orgasm 17 – 20 March
Inner Diamond 9 – 12 June
Noor Ritual 14 – 18 September
Info & Registration: info@wildtantra.com


Women Retreat 2022 
in The Netherlands 
1 – 4 September


Path of Awakening 2022
In France for the first time!!
Orgasmic Body 30 June – 3 July
Info & Registration: contact@wildtantra.com