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Going Deep…

By 26 February 2016 No Comments




What does it mean when you say: “I went deep” or “I go deep”?… 

I hear these a lot and many times I wonder what this is all about. Where do you go to when you go deep?

I do also express myself this way. I do refer to depths, especially in our Tantra retreats where I do ask people to go deep. But I realise by and by that there is a misunderstanding on what this depth is about.

Here are some understandings: Most of the time we are living on the surface, meaning that our energy is involved in the traffic of the mind. It is a lot about movements, about outgoing energy. Nothing stable in that! Right now you agree with me, in a few seconds you will disagree… so on and so forth! This morning you love your beloved, by lunch time you hate him/her, and by diner you love him/her again. These movements are based on duality. No judgment about that, but for sure there is nothing deep in it! When we move away from this ongoing unstable movement, we fall into the Center.

What is the Center about? It is a place where there is no movement; a place where consciousness shines bright; where love is felt as a total unconditional source of peace; a place where we are ageless; a place where we are never born and where we never die; a place of emptiness; a place beyond time and form; a place of stability; a place of unity; oneness… I could add more, but I guess this is enough to resonate in you. You know this place! Everyone knows it, but simply forgets about it. Thus the effort of Tantra to again and again bring us back there until one day we stay. Call it enlightenment, awakening… One thing is sure: in the Center we are in the depths of existence!

In short: To go deep means to reach out to the Centre and to stay in it. It needs a longing, a willingness to go there. It needs some methods, some situations to step into the Center, which require great discipline.

It is what I would like to offer you in our new WildTantra Advanced Retreats of the Path of Awakening. I like to offer you a field of retreats, of methods that anchor you in the Center and hopefully keep you there.

I bow down with love and gratitude to your inner flame,