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Who had made you afraid of love?

By 1 January 2016 No Comments


Beloved Tantrica,

This year the world has been and still is in a chaos. It is not a new chaos. It is there since a long time, but this year it has taken a bigger proportion. A war which can easily be called a third world war is shaking the whole world. On the Path of Tantra, it is said to accept everything, because everything can be transformed. Looking at war, I must say it is not easy to figure out what can be transformed there. But not so long ago in one of our recent retreats, I got a transmission which sheds a new light on what is going on in our chaotic time.

Who has made you afraid of love?
From my own experience, you cannot burn fear, you can only laugh at it. It is good to really look clearly at what fear is about, where it comes from in you, what is the essence of it, what its purpose is. There are different layers in fear – it comes down to survival things in you that bring you into more alertness in some situations. It doesn’t mean it needs to be translated into fear, it could just simply be translated into alertness. For instance, you are walking somewhere, and suddenly there is a snake on your path. Of course you become alert, because there is a danger, but why should you be afraid? So in your system there is an inbuilt alertness, which is very beautiful; but how come the alertness has become fear? Who has made you afraid of snakes in the first place? And this is a very basic example. Who has made you afraid of love? Who has made you afraid of sex? It is important to question all that, so if I were you, I would not bother so much about the fear, but I would question who in the first place has made you afraid of love, of sex, of deep intimacy, of deep communion. Even afraid of consciousness! Question all that. In questioning all this, you will for sure open up to an inner revolution and this inner revolution is needed in everyone. Everyone now, on this planet, needs to start questioning: “Who has made me afraid of love?”  Your whole nature is made of it! Who has created this fear in you? I would like you to look into that. Once it is clear, you can only laugh at your fear, it will not work anymore.

Who has made you afraid of love? You might see many situations connected to some people. Please don’t bring judgement, because these people also have been made afraid of love, and it goes on and on since many generations. Keeping people in fear, means you can control them. Parents who keep their children in fear  can control them. Parents love their children under some conditions, in this way they impart fear to their children and in this way they can control them. Society does the same on a bigger scale. Religions, most of the religions, also follow the same system. While you are going to start questioning, you might come to a point that it’s not just about your parents, your teachers, your professors or your society – it goes so far away, so far away in time also. You are going to realise it is like this since so long! So when it will come back to you, look at that: do I still want to believe in that, do I still want to cooperate in that, do I also want to make myself and others afraid of love? Because you do. It’s important you also see that. You have been made afraid of love and in that you also start participating in making others afraid of love. It will start making you responsible: First of not cooperating anymore in that inner program of being afraid of love, and second of not making others afraid of love. There is a big urgency happening on this planet since quite a long time already. It’s important you know it is going to become bigger and bigger. It is going to happen more and more on a small scale and a big scale, with war in the big world and war in the small world – such as in your relationship, in family, in your work, and inside of you there also is a war happening. It’s a very important one, I would prefer to call it a revolution rather than a war. Love starts protesting. It is strange to say that, because love never protests anyway. It never argues, it never fights. It’s like a moon – it can receive everything. But it happens now – I could call that inner intelligence of love – the inner intelligence of the spirit of love is protesting. Nobody can kill love, it will not disappear; this is for sure. You can kill everyone on this planet, you can deny your lover, you can deny your family, your children – love will not disappear. But you will damage something. You will damage the possibility of living in love. This is such sad story. While deciding to be born on this planet, you decide to live the potential of love, you decide to experience this. So love, as an inner intelligence, starts protesting, showing you that now it is enough, you all came here to live love, to explore it, to relax in it. Why condemning that potential?

So you have fear, you discover fear. It is true, you have a lot of fears. They all come to one basic fear, which has been imparted on you, and it’s not so much about looking who are responsible; though, like I tell you, start questioning who have made you afraid of love? Start looking deeper into it, start laughing at your fear, build up your trust. Make it clear why you are here. Make it clear you have chosen to be here to build a full potential of living love. And it’s possible you encounter some difficulties around you, because many still believe in fears. So of course if you are suddenly loving, some people will become afraid. Some people will even run away from you. You might become very loving – they will be scared. Like you are scared if someone now comes all loving to you. Have you noticed how many on this planet get condemned for their love, for their consciousness? How many Masters died condemned for their love and consciousness? Even this one that everybody is praying for, this one you call Jesus, this one you called “the messenger of love” – you have nailed him on a cross. Strangely enough you nailed him on a cross and now you pray for him, pray to him. It is a strange absurdity. It is good to look the symbol that has been created to that. You put a loving man, a man whose only message was about love, about intimacy, about family, about a very simple way of living in contact with nature, extremely human. You nail him on a cross, put him dead there, and after that you use it as a symbol for love. What a strange information you give out to the world. What strange information to say that love is suffering, love is misery, love is death. How come that no one has protested from the very start? How come that no one from the very start has said no? There is a simple answer – fear. Religion imposed fear. And this is one example among many.

So yes, you have fear. It doesn’t belong to you. Trusting the inner intelligence of love in you can set off a revolution. In that revolution there will be no fight, there will be good laughter at the face of the fear – how ridiculous it is. How can you be afraid of your own nature? If the moon would come to you saying: I am so afraid of light, what can I do? I am pretty sure you would answer laughing, because you would see how ridiculous it is. So I am a little bit polite with you, I don’t laugh at you, though I really do laugh inside. Your fear is ridiculous and I do understand you have been caught in it, you have been contaminated with it, not knowing how to get rid of it. I give you some understanding, some questioning. Look deeply into it. I would like to all of you to hear that:  you have no reason to be afraid of anything. Be alert. There are dangers on this planet, it is true, but you don’t need fear.

I wish for the year we gather the courage to face our fear to love and consciously set up an inner revolution to free our love in order to manifest a totally new way of relating based on love and consciousness.

With love and gratitude,