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Who had made you afraid of love?

By 1 January 2016 No Comments


Beloved Tantrica,

This year the world has been and still is in a chaos. It is not a new chaos. It is there since a long time, but this year it has taken a bigger proportion. A war which can easily be called a third world war is shaking the whole world. On the Path of Tantra, it is said to accept everything, because everything can be transformed. Looking at war, I must say it is not easy to figure out what can be transformed there. But not so long ago in one of our recent retreats, I got a transmission which sheds a new light on what is going on in our chaotic time.

I like to share this transmission with you as a gift to make us all move out of the fear that has been imparted on us since millennia and which keeps us all out of love.

Read the transmission here…