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WildTantra Revolution!

By 27 June 2015 No Comments




A wind of revolution blew through the Wild Tantra Path of Awakening.
It shook the WildTantra structures that were once solid and constant. A few retreats fell apart and some new ones were born!

And to be honest with all of you: I am so delighted!

What is the essence of this revolution?
In one of our lastest retreats in the Netherlands, I was confronted with a few inner questions: What do I want to ‘create’, to awaken in those who come to our retreats? Do I want to ‘create’ people capable of being in a couple, capable of  being single? The answer to these questions was a sharp and clear No! I am not interested in these social frameworks.

I want to create Tantricas! By that I mean persons who are devoted to their awakening by being ready to be a lover, being ready to be alone, being ready to be with many; people who are ready to explore all the possibilities love and consciousness offer. And do not misunderstand me: This is not about creating a new type of  fashionable spiritual people. I only want to create a space in which I share the depths of Tantra to awaken the sleepy tantricas that lie in all of us! Everyone is born a Tantrica, but you need to wake up to the potential! This is the only thing I create: A space to wake up the tantrica in you!

I cannot keep you in the framework of a couple, of being single. I have to offer you a space in which everything is possible. This is what the Path of Awakening is about now: Eight retreats shaking the sleepy Tantricas in you! You will sometimes be alone, sometimes with somebody, sometimes with many… All for you to open up to all the facets of the diamond of your heart and consciousness!

For this to happen I had to blow away the couple retreats and I totally reshaped the Path of Awakening! Now, I can hear the couples protesting already! Haaa!! You are very welcome in the Path of Awakening! You can follow all the retreats with your beloved, but you have to be ready for me shaking up your cocoon once in a while in order for you to learn to share your energy with others; for you to face jealousy, possession, and manipulation issues (if there are any!); for you to see that even though you are in a couple other people’s energy and unique beauty benefit your cocoon!

Here are the three New Retreats in The Path of Awakening:

  • Silent Orgasm 4-days
  • Lovemaking Ritual 4-days
  • Tantric Initiation 4-days

The first and the second are devoted to two different ways of lovemaking coming from two different tantric backgrounds. The last retreat goes into the esoteric aspects of Tantra.

More info about these retreats can be found HERE

Much love and gratitude,