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Walking the Path of Tantra, I am thrown into Mystery all the time.

Each time, I am about to grasp an explanation of energy, of body, of mind, of spirit, a wind instantly pushes the explanation away and the space of Mystery opens.  There is no explanation, there is no concept, there is no system. It is a vast spontaneity unfolding. I can see, I can sense how the whole creation is moving, spreading, but I can’t explain it. I can’t frame it. I can’t give it any structure. It is a very silent communion where I intuitively understand everything and yet, the understanding doesn’t explain anything, doesn’t solve this intriguing question:
how does existence work?
And I am so happy about it! It expands such a Joy into my being!
It is this Joy I share in my work. The rest feels like just a playground for the Joy to unfold. I share many methods, many situations. They are all very precious and valuable tools of awakening, of growing, of healing but sincerely what appears to me the most important is the Joy they open. This is it! This is the real diamond; an innocent Joy beyond time and forms. When I see it shining in the eyes and heart of people, I feel the work is done! I can step back, breath, close my eyes and I know these people will never be lost anymore. They hold the key that can open the door to a very fulfilling creative life… I can sit back, go to rest and smile. The work is done. Now, we can meet into the Mystery with a joyful heart filled with gratitude…


I invite you to enter Mystery by walking the Path of Awakening at WildTantra.

This invitation comes out of an overflow of Joy which I can’t keep for myself. It has to be shared….
Do you like to bath yourself into it?
Do you like to taste it?
You are welcome in our family of wild weavers of love, of joy, of creativity.

For a small taste:
Intro Day 1: 25 November
Intro Day 2: 26 November

For a full bath:
Arya Ritual: 28 Nov – 1 Dec
Third Eye retreat: 4 – 8 Dec

For a full immersion:
Path of Awakening 2020

With much love and gratitude,



“Midnight Colibrí
Visions Celestial
Bringer of Joy, Beauty

May you pollinate our hearts.”

Alice Maxine © Copyright 2019