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This year we do it different!

By 26 December 2020 No Comments

This year we are going to do it differently at WildTantra.
It starts with these important changes:


Opening up our advanced retreats to people with experience in Tantra.

The Path of Awakening we offer is a process that covers a two-year cycle. Until now, the second-year retreats were only accessible for people who participated in the first-year program. Somewhere logical but not so fair towards people who are experienced on the path and would like to explore deeper levels. So, now we open the second-year process to the ones who feel ready to dive into the advanced practices. (Places for the second-year are limited, so do not wait too long to register.)


Leveling up the intensity of our retreats.

Though every year I tend to rise the level of all our retreats, next year I will elevate all the retreats to their highest peak of intensity. We don’t have time to play small anymore. I feel we need to shake ourselves from all our deceit, our laziness, our tendency to hope for the better while keeping the worst of us in our dark cosy pockets in case we need it later on. Enough!!
While sharing the methods of WildTantra, I always tried to adjust to everyone’s level of awareness, level of capacity to change, level of understanding, level of processing new information and perception. It made the group process smooth with enough fire to shake everyone but still giving space for hiding.
Now, I change the play! All the retreats will be adjusted to the highest level of awareness, transformation possible. It will not depend on the fact if participants can follow or not.
It will simply be a matter of breaking through the resistance for change. It is going to be confronting and yet very liberating!


20 % reduction on all our retreats for people under 30 years old.

Young people are not always in the best financial situation, so we like to ease their way to our retreats. Also, I feel the younger you start on the path the better! The price reduction is also to encourage young people to step on the path without worrying too much about money issues. I feel it is a bit sad if money holds back young people to explore the path.
We like to support as many young people as possible in their process of awakening and transformation, because they are the generation ahead of us who will manifest changes in this world.


Creating new retreats.

This is not yet in the agenda. It is still being eximined (I don’t know for how long). I am looking to offer some 2 weeks retreats. Intense? Yes!! For the wild ones who would like to be in a setting where there is no escape possible, no returning back to normal!
I will keep you updated!


Support groups.

This is also in process. I feel it is important for people who are or have been in our retreats to get support on the path. I am preparing few of our Team members to hold support groups where some of our main methods can be practiced, where you can share where you are, where you can ask for direction, guidance, where you can meet people on the path from previous years… In short, meetings to keep you high-up!


There is more in preparation, but it would be a bit pre-mature to share.
For now, all the above changes are my contribution to uplifting us into more love, more awareness, more authenticity, more inner power of transformation…

With the wish to share, to learn, to heal, to celebrate with you….


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