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The Play of Light and Heavy…

By 12 December 2020 No Comments

We mostly describe energy as “negative“ or “positive” or as “light” and “dark”; however in the Andean tradition of the Paqos (medicine men/women) they use other terms, such as namely light and heavy. Those terms carry no judgement such as good or bad. Heavy is simply a dense energy and light is a refined energy. Both aspects are vital and necessary, but they need to be well balanced within us.

A very down-to-earth example:

If you eat too much cheese, your body will get heavy and it will be difficult to move. Cheese is heavy food. If you eat fruits instead, your body will feel light and dynamic. Fruits are light food, which doesn’t mean you have to eat only fruits, but simply find the right balance between heavy and light food.

Now, let’s move to another example:

If you hold anger towards somebody or a situation, this will turn out to be a very heavy energy in your system. In the long run it will create disbalance and impact all your relations and actions.
Here be careful, anger is not to be rated as “bad “or “wrong”, it is just a heavy, dense energy. And too much heavy energy in your system is like carrying kilos of stones in your backpack; it makes the walk to the mountain peak very difficult!! The art is to maintain yourself with enough light energy in order to move lighter towards the peak!

Another interesting aspect:

Heavy energy can be transformed into light energy. When the stomach digests cheese it transforms whatever it can of the heavy energy of the cheese into light energy. The light energy will nourish the body and the heavy energy will move out next time you go to the toilet! Cheese, like anger, hate, greed, jalousie – just to name a few heavy energies – can be digested and transformed into light energy at the condition that you have the power for it! Your body has limited amount of power to digest cheese. There will come a moment its power decreases and it will get sick of the heavy energy of the cheese.
Here the art is to know your inner power that digests, transforms heavy energies into light energies if you don’t want to be sick (physically, psychologically, emotionally…).
I could elaborate a lot on the inner power, but that would be for another newsletter or a book! There is much to share about it. For now, I share a very brief view of heavy and light energies. There is definitely much more into it. I just highlight the non-moralistic and the digesting/transforming aspects of it.

Upon walking the Path of Tantra, which is a lot about transformation,

I feel it is important to enrich it with this Paqos wisdom. I see many people on the path struggling with their so-called negative emotions and energies. It feels like an on-going battle where they do everything to be positive by being against their negative energies. Many call themselves spiritual warriors; fighting for the good against bad. It seems we are still living under old catholic precepts of hell and heaven. But I see only priests in the disguise of spiritual warriors!

It is time to return to the wisdom of nature where heavy is heavy and light is light.

That’s it! Learn the play between the two. That’s it! You don’t need to be a spiritual warrior, a priest, a tantrica or a yogi to find this harmony. Sit down in nature and observe carefully. Open your body, your heart, your whole being. Breath, feel all the energies at play there and learn from them. Do not project on Nature your judgments, preferences… stay calm, centred, observe and understand the play… It is all there without a label of good and bad. To my own point of view, it is through this observation that Tantra was born. I guess many other Paths share this common view, this understanding on transformation and the harmony of energies.
I wish all of us to get back to the essence of Observation instead of judgments and preferences based on religious, spiritual conditioning, ideology… From this Observation we can develop a sense of discernment maintaining the harmony in ourselves, in our communities, in our families…

With the wish to share, to learn, to heal, to celebrate with you….


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