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Weaving Reality…

By 18 January 2021 No Comments

In my previous newsletter, I informed you about some changes we made at WildTantra for this year.

One of those changes is about opening up the advanced retreats of the Path of Awakening to people experienced in the field of meditation. Up to now the advanced retreats were open only to participants of The Path of Awakening Level 1 (first year retreats).
Now for you to take the jump into the advanced retreats, you might like to know what it is all about!
The Path of Awakening Level 2 comprises 3 advanced retreats essentially devoted to open up our energy to something much bigger than us! It is about moving from adolescent stage to adulthood.
What does it mean?

Childhood and Adolescent stages:

In our energy evolution we mature from an energy centred on ourselves (childhood stage) to people around us like family and close friends (adolescent stage). Most of us stop at adolescent stage and many do not even reach there.
Those stages are important exploration fields where we learn about our capacity to give and to receive. And if we are lucky enough to be in a loving spiritual family, we also learn to create and to care. Unfortunately, that it not the case for the majority of us!
In childhood stage all those capacities are explored in the realm of the family and once we move to adolescent stage the field expands to friends, lover(s) and to our own children (if we get some). This expansion of sharing energy in those stages entails shadows such as jealousy, possession, greed, anxiety, arrogance, manipulation… These stages are basically very ego-centred. We give-receive and create-care under a lot of conditions! The adolescent stage has also its own rebellion crisis against some values we have been conditioned with in our childhood; a crisis to reclaim individuality; a crisis of ME first!!!
While these stages of expansion of energy are vital for our maturation, they are most of the time not expressed with the understanding of how and what energy is. In our education system no-one teaches us about energy thus not about feeling, sensing, intuiting it. We grow through childhood and adolescent stages missing out one of the most essential understanding of life: We are energy beings and everything and everyone around us is energy! We grow up only busy with the material aspect of life and the believe that this is all there is! From there we get very much off-balance by emphasizing possession, conqueror and competitor drive. Thus, we fight and even kill for what we possess; might it be a car, a house, a wife, a husband, a child… We are so blinded by all our things and the so-call sense of security and safety they give us, that we deny sensing the life energy flowing in all of them. We limit our perception by fear of losing all those things and we gather more things and even create some more! And we stay stuck in that loop which over time becomes very destructive (just observe it in our societies!).

And now, adult stage!

This is where we step in The Path of Awakening Level 2. This stage is about manifesting our energy with harmony, responsibility, service to the whole as a heart-centered individual! We step out of ego-centered stage to heart-centered stage. We learn that our energy is constantly connected to the whole. In adult stage we start to weave our energy with everything there is. For that we also learn to channel our energy with respect for diversity. There is no need of conflict, competition and comparison anymore. We manifest our energy in a way that always benefits peace, freedom within the couple, the family, the community (small and planetary). Our energy become a co-creative vehicle. It interacts creatively, lovingly, consciously with all the energy fields around us – might it be a woman, a man, a child, a bird, a rock, a river, a mountain (just to name a few).

This expansion of energy which might sound not easy, even not possible for some of us, is actually our birth right. The questions you can ask yourself are:

Do you want to grow, or do you want to stay a dreamy teenager or a big baby?
Do you have the longing to be at the maximum of your capacity to live, to love, to create? Do you want to learn who you are and what you are for in this big mystery called creation?
Do you want…. hmmmm actually do you know what you want?

This last question is interesting because actually we don’t really know what we want, yet we have the arrogance that we know. We have so much pretention saying I want love while beating up our wife, children, while killing our neighbors, while cutting down forests, while slaughtering animals… So much contradiction in this adolescent stage!
In the adult stage, we start to know what we want. And let me tell you it is really not what you are thinking about right now!! It needs great purging, cleansing, enquiry to get there! In the advanced retreats, we clear, we heal, we get at the bottom of our teenager arrogant stupidity. We say thank you for all the games we played and stand up straight, open our wings and fly high to get a new vision, perception of life, of our life. From this new point of view, we get to know what we want and what existence wants of us all. We get to know how to weave a reality rooted in love and consciousness.
Now, sit back… Be honest with yourself. Look at your life…

Who are you in this life? A baby, a child, a teenager, an adult?… Please be honest!!

Let’s come together around the fire of truth, of healing, of authenticity.
Let’s burn our pretention, our pride, our lies, our arrogance.
And let’s grow and learn together to weave a reality of love!

With the wish to share, to learn, to heal, to celebrate with you….



Path of Awakening Level 2
Advanced Retreats 2021

Inner Sky 18 – 21 March
The Weaver 10 – 13 June

Noor Ritual 15 – 19 September

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