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Best Wishes 2019: Wake up!!

New year is a time where we set new intentions for the year ahead.
What if for 2019, your longing to wake-up would be your main one? A loving intention without goal or ambition but with a clear direction.

Wake-up from lies, from misguiding, from judgments, from our greed, from social and religious conditioning that narrow our perception of reality and of ourselves, from self-deception…

Wake-up to our potential of consciousness, of love, of beauty, of creativity, of sharing, of, caring. Wake up to our responsibility of manifesting a world of harmony, of beauty, of equanimity…

What about we all support each other to wake up instead of detaining  each other into blind political concepts, outdated religions, destructive ways of relating, disrespect of the environment, over consumption etc.

Since 2011, WildTantra is making great creative effort to support the awakening of mankind, offering The Path of Awakening.This program offers eight retreats where we share methods and situations for all of us to wake up and to grow out of our sleepy lazy state. Every year, the program gets reviewed, transformed, refined in order to offer the most adequate ways of awakening.

In 2019, the program gets enriched with a new retreat: Third Eye retreat, We investigate mysterious and yet pragmatic methods to activate the pineal gland for us to finally see instead of just look!

This Path does not guarantee awakening, but we do guarantee a space where you cannot escape  anymore from waking up!

If you feel like to dance the Path of Awakening with us, there are  still a few places left for the ones who are tired to sleep and who want to celebrate life to its highest peak of love and of consciousness.

For the year to come,
I wish you a clear joyful intention to awaken!

With love and gratitude,

ArtWork:  Tashi Mannox © Copyright 2019