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Book Launch of Pema Gitama’s new book!

  Book Launch of Pema Gitama’s awaited new book: Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries Pema will present her new book in a celebration evening. She will share the sources of inspiration of her book, read some parts of it and sign it. The evening will be filled with music, dance and meetings.   What the book is […]

The Great Desire

I could write a whole book about it, but one chapter of my next book can be enough to offer you some answers about this delicate hot subject in Tantra! Here some explanations extracted from my book: Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries which will be launched April 2017. “Listen carefully, my dear lovers. The Great Desire […]

Going Deep…

  What does it mean when you say:  “I went deep” or “I go deep”?… I hear these a lot and many times I wonder what this is all about. Where do you go to when you go deep? I do also express myself this way. I do refer to depths, especially in our Tantra […]