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WildTantra Revolution!

The essence of Tantra by Pema Gitama…

A wind of revolution blew through the Wild Tantra Path of Awakening. It shook the WildTantra structures that were once solid and constant. A few retreats fell apart and some new ones were born!

And to be honest with all of you: I am so delighted!

What is the essence of this revolution?
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From Pleasure into Bliss!



The essence of Tantra by Pema Gitama…

What does lovemaking create in us? What does lovemaking awaken in us?…
The Yoga of Creation offers the answers in a lovely, sensual disturbing approach where our believes, concept of what is love, what is divine, what is spiritual get shattered in order to open up a window into the reality of creation within us. From this window we have the choice to take a jump into the unknown, the unnamed. This jump is pure bliss!


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Wake Up!!!


Wake Up!!

The essence of Tantra by Pema Gitama…

The essence of every spiritual Path is about waking up and the Tantra Path is one of them, but it can be easily misused. Misused for ones own pleasure, desire and ego. You can use Tantra as a very powerful entertainment that keeps you in the illusion that you are awake while actually you are simply feeding your dream of awakening!

I hear many people say: “I long to be awakened.” It always makes me silently giggle, because I can see it is not true. At night, before going to sleep, you put an alarm clock in order to wake up the next morning! You do not trust your silly longing of waking up because you know yourself, once asleep you will indulge into some nice dreams in your cozy bed. Somewhere you can’t deceive yourself completely. You know your weakness! So you put an alarm clock to wake up!…

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WildTantra Best Wishes 2015




CD Launch, 20 November at Club Lite!



CD Launch + Celebration
20 November
Club Lite

WildTantra is delighted to announce you the release of the music CD & book for the meditation The Glory of the Lotus, VBT 16. The meditation method is extracted from the precious Tantra treatise the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra written about 7000 years ago in India. The whole method is to connect our senses to the heart and to let them be absorbed deeply into it.

It is a very alive, sensual and blissful experience!

On the 20 November at the Club Lite, we create for you to opportunity to dive into this experience with live music from the musician Gopal the creator of the CD.
We will release the CD and after the meditation we will have a dancing party for all us to celebrate our heart and body!

What the CD comprises?
– One hour music from the genius musician Gopal Anand,
featuring Praful, Nilam and guided by Gitama’s voice.
– An illustrated book of 70 pictures by the talented photographer Arjun Roodink.
– Guided steps for meditation written by Gitama, the founder of WildTantra.

Where is the event?
Club Lite
Jan van Galenstraat 24
1051 KM Amsterdam

What time?
Open door: 19:30
Start: 20:00
End: Midnight

Free entrance

What to bring?
For your comfort during the meditation,
It is wise to bring a yoga mat and a cushion.

How to join?
Write to Anand: meeting@wildtantra.com



New Program!!


The Path of Awakening

New program of retreats starting in 2015!

The steps of WildTantra Path of Awakening:
– Juicing up the body with its full potential of orgasmic energy
– Lighting up the heart with the fire of devotion
– Seducing the mind to crack its shell of ignorance to expand into unlimited consciousness
– Waking up lovingly the fearful sleepy-self to dissolve into the unknown….

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Pearl of Wisdom from Leela…

I have a question about trust. I have been looking at it. But I was not able to look further than the psychological dimension. I see I have trusted people, I have been hurt in that and that’s it. The mathematical conclusion is: I give you my trust and you misused it. So that’s it. But it is too easy. I don’t want to live out of circumstances to find out who I am. I don’t want to justify myself on the behavior of others. My question now is: Could you speak about trust?
“The trust you mention is a very cheap trust. It is worth nothing. We should not call it trust actually. This word trust has been so much misused, like the word love too. Because it is misused you don’t know the meaning of it anymore, you don’t know how to feel the meaning of it anymore. You can live it. Like you say, it becomes only something psychological, something of the mind. Trust doesn’t live in your mind neither in your psychology or your emotions. Trust lives in your heart. It can’t be questioned. It can’t be broken. This is very important you understand this: it can’t be broken. The trust you do mention can be broken. It can’t be called trust. It is something else. It is a contract between two persons. The contract can be broken at any time. Trust never and love too!…”
Leela, 27 June 2014
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Dive into the Kaula…

Kaula Retreat 1 & 2
25 June – 15 July

In this retreat, we live according to the Kaula principal of the Tantra lineage of the Heart of All. The whole retreat is guided by the Tantric Master Leela from whom Gitama received direct transmission. Every day life unfolds according to the guidance of Leela given every morning to all the participants. The whole process  is creating deep awareness on relating consciously and lovingly with everyone. It offers a field of love, a “family womb” from where your potential of awakening can be supported in joy, in trust, in celebration…



The Whispering Transmission, second edition!

Second Edition of
Tantra,The Whispering Transmission
in now available!!


Due to its success, for few months this fantastic first book of Gitama was out of print. Now, while she is in her winter bubble writing the following up, we have finally reprinted it!
You can get it in our web shop!
Do not wait too long to order it, it might disappear very fast!!


What the book is about:
This book explores one of the most attractive, controversial and revolutionary ways of life of mankind: Tantra, a path of spiritual awakening taking its root some 7000 years back in India and which doesn’t separate sex and enlightenment, but embraces them as one…


The book contains three parts:
. Breath-taking authentic story of a Tantric Master and her disciples
. 27 guided Tantric meditations illustrated with full page color pictures
. Bonus chapter of pictures and poetry


Gitama, the author is investigating the depth of the mysterious Tantra Path by narrating the true story of a young Tibetan woman Pema, who, through various initiations, becomes disciple of the Indian Tantric Master: Leela. The story offers two perspectives of Tantra; the one from the Master and the one from the disciple, which makes the book very rich of wisdom, insight, break-through experiences, intense emotions, playfulness, sensuality. On the side of this spiritual adventure, there is a step by step guide into Tantric Meditation for individuals and couples to enable them to lift up their life energy to a blissful sexuality, to a fulfilling relating, and the highest level of consciousness and love.


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