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The Play of Light and Heavy…

We mostly describe energy as “negative“ or “positive” or as “light” and “dark”; however in the Andean tradition of the Paqos (medicine men/women) they use other terms, such as namely light and heavy. Those terms carry no judgement such as good or bad. Heavy is simply a dense energy and light is a refined energy. Both aspects are vital and necessary, but they need to be well balanced within us.

A very down-to-earth example:

If you eat too much cheese, your body will get heavy and it will be difficult to move. Cheese is heavy food. If you eat fruits instead, your body will feel light and dynamic. Fruits are light food, which doesn’t mean you have to eat only fruits, but simply find the right balance between heavy and light food.

Now, let’s move to another example:

If you hold anger towards somebody or a situation, this will turn out to be a very heavy energy in your system. In the long run it will create disbalance and impact all your relations and actions.
Here be careful, anger is not to be rated as “bad “or “wrong”, it is just a heavy, dense energy. And too much heavy energy in your system is like carrying kilos of stones in your backpack; it makes the walk to the mountain peak very difficult!! The art is to maintain yourself with enough light energy in order to move lighter towards the peak!

Another interesting aspect:

Heavy energy can be transformed into light energy. When the stomach digests cheese it transforms whatever it can of the heavy energy of the cheese into light energy. The light energy will nourish the body and the heavy energy will move out next time you go to the toilet! Cheese, like anger, hate, greed, jalousie – just to name a few heavy energies – can be digested and transformed into light energy at the condition that you have the power for it! Your body has limited amount of power to digest cheese. There will come a moment its power decreases and it will get sick of the heavy energy of the cheese.
Here the art is to know your inner power that digests, transforms heavy energies into light energies if you don’t want to be sick (physically, psychologically, emotionally…).
I could elaborate a lot on the inner power, but that would be for another newsletter or a book! There is much to share about it. For now, I share a very brief view of heavy and light energies. There is definitely much more into it. I just highlight the non-moralistic and the digesting/transforming aspects of it.

Upon walking the Path of Tantra, which is a lot about transformation,

I feel it is important to enrich it with this Paqos wisdom. I see many people on the path struggling with their so-called negative emotions and energies. It feels like an on-going battle where they do everything to be positive by being against their negative energies. Many call themselves spiritual warriors; fighting for the good against bad. It seems we are still living under old catholic precepts of hell and heaven. But I see only priests in the disguise of spiritual warriors!

It is time to return to the wisdom of nature where heavy is heavy and light is light.

That’s it! Learn the play between the two. That’s it! You don’t need to be a spiritual warrior, a priest, a tantrica or a yogi to find this harmony. Sit down in nature and observe carefully. Open your body, your heart, your whole being. Breath, feel all the energies at play there and learn from them. Do not project on Nature your judgments, preferences… stay calm, centred, observe and understand the play… It is all there without a label of good and bad. To my own point of view, it is through this observation that Tantra was born. I guess many other Paths share this common view, this understanding on transformation and the harmony of energies.
I wish all of us to get back to the essence of Observation instead of judgments and preferences based on religious, spiritual conditioning, ideology… From this Observation we can develop a sense of discernment maintaining the harmony in ourselves, in our communities, in our families…

With the wish to share, to learn, to heal, to celebrate with you….


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ARTWORK: Taki Runa


“Let’s embrace hope.
Singing and dancing
with devotion.
The spirits answer
the call of your drum.
The melodies of the Earth resonate in your heart.
We are the unit
in eternal vibration.”
Taki Runa © Copyright 2020

Inner Medicine Way…

Since many years, I have observed that healing methods are important on the Path of Tantra.

I see many of us confronted with inner obstacles, restricting the energy to rise to a higher realm of consciousness. It can be very frustrating to constantly bang your head on the same wall of pain, of misunderstanding, of deep-rooted convictions working against your evolution… I call this the loop!
You initially progress on the path, you feel finally out of destructive restrictive patterns, and boom, here it comes again! The same loop of emotions, of inner conflicts; a downfall spiral starts sucking you into inner darkness that you thought was gone forever.

How to encounter this downward spiral of our energy in a healthy way?
How to use it to heal, to transform these forces pulling us down into misery over and over again, in spite of all the sincere efforts we do to stay bright and high on the wave of love?

How to be-friend the downward energy spiral, the inner chaos?

Therapy is a no-go for me, so I had to look for something else: Memory…. such a mysterious phenomenon!

This might be why I was pulled to look there; I have always been attracted by Mystery. At the start of my enquiry into the realm of Memory, I didn’t expect it would be such a life- changing journey. I dived into it with a deep intuitive knowing I would find the “key” to remove my obscuration.  I was certain to find answers on how to  keep my energy rising stable, or to heal  anything that pushed me down… How little I knew of what I would find!

I will not elaborate on how and where I found the methods to enter the realm of Memory, but I can at least share some of the treasures I found. As for the methods, if you like to explore and discover them you are warmly invited to join the Inner Medicine Way retreats.

For now, few major jewels from the Memory realm I found:

A complete destruction of everything I thought what love is, what reality is and who I am… That was the first blow and it was hard, really hard! I did resist at first, because I wanted to maintain my structure in order to still feel my stability: a ground to walk on, to speak, act, work…
But the deeper I went into this dimension of Memory, the less I could maintain my point of view. I had to drop it, otherwise I would not have been able to move on. I found myself totally stripped down of all knowing, directions, ideas, concepts… This has been the first master key of Memory:  to make me forget everything!
Only then remembrance took place and with it so much healing happened. The major work in that stage was to encounter painful events with the right remembrance. This took me a long time to learn. While remembering a painful event, what we truly remember? Have you ever pondered on this?… Interesting isn’t it! How to go there without being sucked down into the pain, into the misunderstanding that was created in us out of this event?

I revived so many situations of pain, of misery, of hate, of fight, of basically everything in my life that pulled down the upward spiraling of my energy. Each time, the only thing I had to do was to remember the love I disconnected from  in those moments! What a profound lesson! The forgetfulness of Love is what creates the most profound pain. I might have been beaten up in my past. But the physical pain is nothing compared to the forgetfulness of Love in the moment I got beaten up.

Once my most precious Master in that process told me:

“You are free. You can do whatever you want in this creation.
You can make all the mistakes in the world. But there is a very dangerous one;  to forget Love.
This leads to a darkness that is very difficult to come out of.”


In the land of Memory, I had to learn to remember Love no matter the inner or outer situation.

Years have passed since I first started this process. I did sharpen my remembrance. It is not easy, I must admit.
In every step I encountered so much healing.  Insights and gifts showered over me and yet,  the tendency to fall asleep, to forget was so tempting because of its so-called comfort and security. The road to the land of Memory asks great awareness, sharpness, discipline, stamina, passion but no sleep! And I shall add: a good sense of humour!
When the remembrance of Love becomes stable, another dimension opens in the vast land of Memory.
What are we here for?
What are we here to contribute, to manifest?
And how to do it? The seed of an oak tree knows (remembers) to grow as an oak tree and not as a banana tree. We also  have this inner memory showing us what we are meant to be(come). And for some reason we are not taping into it.  The result?  We try to be a banana tree instead of an oak tree. Maybe this is our way to remember… Our journey is very interesting!


The stage of reclaiming the memory of who we are and what we are here for, made me enter the great Weaving of Existence.

I learned  to recognise the interaction between everything that exists. One of the major lessons: to use duality and polarity without creating division nor separation. Instead,  create harmony. This stage also offers tremendous healing forces and deep confrontation with everything in us that creates separation such as judgments, stuck opinions, self-deceptions and the so-called pretender “I am”!
Once there is stability in this stage,  the Memory of Love opens it magical, overwhelming dimension. Hence, I will keep silent because I am still learning to fly into it. I can only share that finally life makes sense.
It is where I am now in my Memory journey. I am not stating this is the end of the travel. I can sense there is much more to be discovered. But I can see that all the methods that brought me to this point are an immense gift and need to be shared.

It is only this winter while traveling in Peru that suddenly, I felt I was ready to share it all. I was not in a hurry though. My intention was to wait until next year; to take my time to set up a good structured retreat for it.  But the worldly circumstances showing up since some months have accelerated my longing to share this Inner Medicine Way with all of you.

I am grateful we can be together in the Memory of Love.
I am grateful we can all weave our unique tread.
I bow with love and gratitude to your capacity to weave in harmony, creating more beauty at every step of your life.
With the wish to share, to learn, to heal, to celebrate with you….


Inner Medicine Way Retreats

What is the process about:

In our society, words such as “Healing”, “Medicine” have been spoiled, misused to the point we lost the connection with their true meaning.  As a result, we became disconnected from our ability to tap into their power. Finding ourselves confronted with inner obstacles that require the use of that power, we find ourselves helplessly pulled down into destructive patterns.
The word Memory has been reduced to describe the ability of our brain to store information. Most of this information that we are being asked to remember is an unnecessary load of crap, which creates major confusion within us. Healing, Memory and Medicine were once words referring to very sacred dimensions and paths that were supporting to keep each personal evolution in harmony with life, nature, beauty, love…

The Inner Medicine Way retreats revive these ancient ways so we can remember and manifest our creative uniqueness and diversity with Clarity, Respect and Peace.  They enable us to co-create a healthy world in tune with the highest qualities of love and consciousness.

These 2 retreats share the Inner Medicine methods, focusing on healing and transforming patterns that slow down or pull down the ascension of your energy into a state of Clarity. The methods are anchored in the profound understanding of the essence of Memory, such as the natural equilibrium of order and chaos, which keeps your creativity to be at service for the highest expression of life. The methods offer precious practices to support the recognition and removal of all obscuration. They restore your ability to connect your life’s purpose with the one of existence. They support you to generate healthy thoughts, emotions and actions that benefit your evolution towards becoming a mature human being.
These retreats are a mysterious, yet pragmatic way to activate the fibre of Memory in you, for you to walk your life in harmony with the whole.

Here are some of the main topics we explore during these two retreats::

– Understanding of energy’s upward and downward spiral movements
– Ancestral, historical, biological Memory map
– Recognizing inner obscuration
– Unlocking healing forces in us
– Calling out the Elements of Nature to revitalize our own forces
– Finding, activating the Inner Medicine
– Practicing Inner Medicine methods
– Growing up from adolescent to mature adult
– The main negative emotions
– Defying gravity
– Taking responsibility for healing our inner obstacles
– Remembering the Ancestral Memory
– Grounding ourselves in our Inner Direction, Life Purpose
– The power of Prayer and right saying
– Ceremony of the 4 Altars
– The Mandala of the seven directions.
– The Centre of the Centre
– The navel protection and nourishment
– Digesting energies, emotions, memories…

The registration for the Inner Medicine Way retreats:

Inner Medicine part 1
10 – 13 September 2020

Inner Medicine part 2
26 – 29 November 2020

Info & Registration


ARTWORK: Taki Runa


“Pachamama cleaning the world  to plant new seeds in humanity…
The Pachacuti we live announces the return
to our authentic home!”
Taki Runa © Copyright 2020

At the Fire, we sit…

At the Fire, we sit…

At the Fire, we have to sit… and we have been sitting there so many times over the past millennia. Over and over again, we asked for a new direction because we had forgotten ours. Presently, we are facing the same dilemma; confronted with a loss of direction.
At the Fire, we must sit, pray, listen and see the clear vision of our direction. In our prayers, we burn the causes of our blindness, our forgetfulness and we revive the Eagle’s eyes for us to see our inner and outer world from another point of view.
Far high in the Sky of the Heart we are able to observe ourselves and our situation with a fresh view and thus wake up the sleepy Weaver who knows the ways of Creation.
At the Fire, we sit and absorb the Light shining from the Flames of Remembrance for us to revive the meaning, the purpose of our live, and to rekindle our Intention long buried in the mud of confusion.
At the Fire, we sit with patience, with humbleness, with silence, with celebration and so receive ourselves the way we receive a new-born baby. With care, with wonder, with gratitude we hold this innocent creation of Love that we are. We shed tears of Joy over our true faces.
At the Fire, we sit, we learn to speak and to manifest the Truth that has always been within our Hearts but that for so long was shadowed by fear, greed, possessiveness, attachment, jealousy….. by so much confusion.
At the Fire, we rejoice, we dance, we weave the Joy winning over misery, slavery and suffering.
At the Fire, we become Fire elevating itself in the realm of Air where there is no border, no limit to our expansion in Love.
At the Fire, we don’t steal, we don’t lie, we don’t possess, we do not imprison, we do not judge anyone or anything.

At the Fire, we Share… we Share… we Share….

27 March 2020


Surrender and Transformation


Surrender is the state which sets the fire of Transformation…


We just came back from our winter stay in Peru.
2 months living above 3000 meters altitude, starting with the Sacred Valley, moving on to the Lake Titikaka and finally resting in the Cordillera Negra. We have been exploring many Sacred Places as much outside than inside.
To recount the whole journey, it would need much more than a newsletter, but I found something which resumes everything: a pot!

In the Museum of Chavin de Huantar stands this pot.
It was meant to hold the mysterious Wachuma Plant Medicine which the people of the Temple of Chavin where drinking in order to ignite states of alternated consciousness where they could access to the essence of creation and the ancestral memory. When I saw the pot I fell in total awe because it depicts so beautifully the essence of Tantra: Transformation and Surrender. If you observe the pot carefully, you see the man cutting his own head, a total act of surrender. His head is looking upwards, which by the way is physically impossible, but which shows his point of view at the moment of his surrender. He is directed upwards as if when the head would fall it would move upwards and not fall down, which means the whole act is elevating him. It is not a suicide but a peaceful death-rebirth into the realm of consciousness.

His body is the vessel for the Plant Medicine which is his nectar of transformation. In Tantra, it can be encoded without making references to plant medicine. The nectar of transformation filling his body is love, awareness, devotion and his own life energy.

Back home, when I looked at the pictures, I put one upside down in order to see the face of the man.

Do you see the bliss on his face?
That’s it!
It says it all!
It resumes it all!!
Bliss, peace, silence!….. This is what my journey was about in Peru and it is what my steps are on the Path of Tantra.

I could elaborate much more on the different meanings encoded in this master piece, but I like to let you meditate on it!… Just take time to watch this pot and let its wisdom reach you deeply. It really speaks of a state we are all looking for on the Path of Tantra, a state of bliss, peace, unity, completion…

I wish all of us to dare to surrender to the higher state of consciousness in order to transform everything in us into pure gold of bliss, of silence, of unconditional love, for all of us to live a life filled with compassion, creativity, kinship.

With love and gratitude,

An Opportunity for the Men!

Our retreats for 2020 are nearly full, but good news for the men,
there are few places available for you in the precious and mysterious Inner Sky Retreat from 9 to 12 April!
For registration & information: info@wildtantra.com


The Flame remains the Flame…


The Flame Remains the Flame…

Here we are again: One year has passed!
What has passed? What is present? What lies ahead?
“The flame remains the flame…” my Tantra master Leela would say.
The inner flame of love, of consciousness which goes on shining bright within us.
Stable, luminous, wise… Stretching its light in all directions, far in the past, rooted in the present, unmovable in the future.
But are we aware of it? Are we connected to it? Are we manifesting it? Are we sharing it?…
To be honest: rarely, not to say never. This is not a pessimistic statement, just a down to earth realisation. We hide our flame behind many ideas, conditionings, patterns, fears which keep us suffering. We do feel its warm glow, but we are failing to use its quality of transformation. What about giving it our anger, our jealousy, our greed, our ignorance, our attachment, our pride… So, it can be transformed into compassion, generosity, equanimity, humility, wisdom…

Getting the courage to throw ourselves fully into the fire of transformation is what I define as being spiritual.
Everything else seems like beating around the bush with a yoga leggings, reciting a mantra or sutra of which no one understands the meaning, or with some latex outfit assuming it looks spiritually sexy, or with a naked body wrapped in ropes and knots to feel the master of kundalini energy, or dressed in a cloud of DMT smokes running unconsciously on the sand during the burning man festival claiming to be enlightened while being deluded in one more illusion!…

So many games are possible for us to make us feel we do the right thing to know ourselves, while we use those games to avoid ourselves, avoid the flame. We deceive ourselves constantly. There is nothing wrong with the games. They can all be a tool for the final jump into the transformative fire. Then games are over. Then the real work starts. Yes, I know nobody likes work. It has become a dirty word. We preferer entertainment even on the spiritual path. Actually we have made the spiritual path a very creative, entertaining, sexy-fairy-buddha-vegan land where very few are really undertaking the work of transformation.

Please don’t get me wrong in my playful sarcasm. I do not mean bad, or to be judgmental. I just like to support all of us with a good laugh and to be honest, to reflect sincerely on where we are, on what are we doing.

Do you really want to wake up or is it just a nice idea to play with?

That’s it…. Just sitting silently, doing nothing, just letting the question reach you deeply.
Not looking for an answer…
Just silently sitting, doing nothing, not even trying to meditate!
Just silently sitting, doing nothing….
Here it is!
Awake, bright, shining.
Give it all.
Burn all.
And the flame remains the flame.
It has always been there. Just forgotten in the mist of playing too many games.
Now, that you remember your flame,
Let the remembrance be your guide.
Then the work starts…
You burn and transform…
And the flame remains the flame.
This is the most joyful, fulfilling work I know.

I wish you all a loving remembrance.
May this remembrance be at the service of all beings.

With love and gratitude,

The registration for the Path of Awakening is open!

We welcome about 40 people for a one-year to two-year journey to awaken to the fire of transformation.
For information and registration contact: info@wildtantra.com




Walking the Path of Tantra, I am thrown into Mystery all the time.

Each time, I am about to grasp an explanation of energy, of body, of mind, of spirit, a wind instantly pushes the explanation away and the space of Mystery opens.  There is no explanation, there is no concept, there is no system. It is a vast spontaneity unfolding. I can see, I can sense how the whole creation is moving, spreading, but I can’t explain it. I can’t frame it. I can’t give it any structure. It is a very silent communion where I intuitively understand everything and yet, the understanding doesn’t explain anything, doesn’t solve this intriguing question:
how does existence work?
And I am so happy about it! It expands such a Joy into my being!
It is this Joy I share in my work. The rest feels like just a playground for the Joy to unfold. I share many methods, many situations. They are all very precious and valuable tools of awakening, of growing, of healing but sincerely what appears to me the most important is the Joy they open. This is it! This is the real diamond; an innocent Joy beyond time and forms. When I see it shining in the eyes and heart of people, I feel the work is done! I can step back, breath, close my eyes and I know these people will never be lost anymore. They hold the key that can open the door to a very fulfilling creative life… I can sit back, go to rest and smile. The work is done. Now, we can meet into the Mystery with a joyful heart filled with gratitude…


I invite you to enter Mystery by walking the Path of Awakening at WildTantra.

This invitation comes out of an overflow of Joy which I can’t keep for myself. It has to be shared….
Do you like to bath yourself into it?
Do you like to taste it?
You are welcome in our family of wild weavers of love, of joy, of creativity.

For a small taste:
Intro Day 1: 25 November
Intro Day 2: 26 November

For a full bath:
Arya Ritual: 28 Nov – 1 Dec
Third Eye retreat: 4 – 8 Dec

For a full immersion:
Path of Awakening 2020

With much love and gratitude,



“Midnight Colibrí
Visions Celestial
Bringer of Joy, Beauty

May you pollinate our hearts.”

Alice Maxine © Copyright 2019

The Frequency of Orgasm is Consciousness

Are you one of many to believe orgasm will solve all your problems?
That it will make your relationship better?

That it will make you happy forever?

I have to admit that I was one of them!
About 25 years ago, I struggled with experiencing orgasm.
I decided to step into the path of sexual de-conditioning,
de-armouring of my genitals and body so I would be happy ever after! It was an amazing journey. And finally, I did reach the orgasms I was looking for. What a joy!!
And yet, I was still fighting with my boy-friend, I was still jealous, and I was still a bitch!
The fact that I was able to reach orgasm didn’t solve anything!
For sure, it made me feel more relaxed and happy for a while, but the demons would come back very quickly!

So what was going wrong? Was it me? Was it the orgasm?
Is orgasm insignificant or is there really something valuable in it?

I decided to dive much deeper into the phenomenon of orgasm to understand what it is truly about. This is certainly the most profound and interesting road I ever took! At first, I observed that at the moment of orgasm there is a black out, the same one we have in deep sleep. We are gone somewhere but we have no idea where we have been. The only thing we notice is that when we come back, we feel rejuvenated and we feel extremely good and clear. When I started to notice the black out, I took the challenge to stay awake at the moment of orgasm. It took a while and lots of experiments. But I did succeed, and I made some major discovery: Orgasm is not only a physical phenomenon of high pleasure but a vibration which aligns to the frequency of consciousness.

The core frequency of orgasm is consciousness. Like the core of deep meditative state is consciousness. From there everything changed in my approach to sex, to orgasm. The pleasure of orgasm became secondary, like in the background, while the space of consciousness became first priority for me to dive into.
Now, while building up orgasm, I know I build up energy to raise myself to the frequency of consciousness. When Orgasm happens, I am at the peak of consciousness and not only at a peak of pleasure.

I learn to maintain myself in that frequency long after the orgasm has left my body. I practice staying in that frequency in my daily life, in my actions, in my relationship. And now, orgasm is truly a source of transformation, a deep meditative state, a place where I get to know myself.

Sex, orgasm, lovemaking in the Tantric scene is very much commercialized because sex sells. I do not want to promote this.
I do not want to sell sex for Tantra.

Sex is fun, it is beautiful, but it is far from Tantra.
And it took me long time to get it!! Only when I finally reached the centre of orgasm, I did understand what Tantra refers to when it speaks about non-sexual lovemaking. In order to reach the frequency of consciousness, vibrating at the centre of orgasm, one needs to let go of sexuality, otherwise you stay stuck in the nice, juicy side of sex. You never enter the temple. You stay outside enjoying the beauty of the temple without encountering the divine dwelling in it. And this divine is you in a high state of consciousness.

At WildTantra, we offer a few retreats to open up your body, your sex, your perception, your watcher to orgasm. Hopefully after reading the text above, it will become more clear what we are offering. Yes, you will discover how to build up orgasm, how to make your body vibrant with energy. Yes, it will definitely make your sexual life better. It is important you have a fulfilling sexual life, so we support you there. And we take a next step – the most important one – which is to have a conscious life.

For all these awakenings, we move in a few steps during two retreats:
In the Female/Male Orgasm Retreat:
– Open your body, your breathing, your genitals to orgasm
– Break down fear, conditionings, idea of sex
– Enjoy without shame
– Get in touch with your energy

In the Silent Orgasm Retreat:
– Awaken the watcher
– Circulate your energy
– Clarify your intention
– Dive at the centre of orgasm to plug into the frequency of consciousness
– Letting go of the sense of separation
– Maintain yourself into high peak of consciousness in daily life

There are steps in between and there are steps which overlap. And it is not all so logical, which keeps a spark of spontaneity in the journey!

And the best is to explore it for yourself:

Some places for women & men:
Female/Male Orgasm: 5 – 9 June
Some places for men:
Silent Orgasm: 13 – 16 June

With love and a joyful prayer of gratitude,


“Cymatic pattern at 36,14 Hz plus flower of life to show the geometry.
This image shows “standing waves” which are created by using a signal generator.
Here you see the most clear “Chladni sound figures”.
Single frequencies are absolute pure sounds without overtones like they appear at music or voices. 
I use different sizesof water bowls so it might happen that a similar figure occurs at different frequencies. It is the combination of the size of the water-bowl the amount of water and the amplitude of the frequency which make the images occur on the surface of the water…”

Micheal Memminger © Copyright 2019

The Power of Joy!

The Power of Joy

About three weeks ago, we came back from Peru where we (the WildTantra Team) have gone through profound inner processes. We used our winter break to shift our attention to our inner world to clarify and heal issues in ourselves which required attention. In this way, when back in the WildTantra retreats, we can share from a more enlightened place.

I was touched by many beautiful insights, which have shattered many misunderstandings and opened up to new perceptions and points of view on how I relate with existence. There is one particular event I like to share with you:

After a few hours walking in a sacred temple with members of the team, while I was immersed in a prayerful space, a wind shook my perception of my inner and outer environment. Suddenly everything fake showed itself with such clarity; the way I act, I speak, I move, I think… and the way others show themselves, how they speak, how they think… It was in some way unbearable to see, to feel the depth of lies we all project consciously or unconsciously.
To realize how we construct our life, our relations, our work from lies just to avoid changes that truth asks us to make.
To see that we prefer to stay in the lies of social, religious conditioning because we are afraid to stand alone if we live from truth.
To feel the lies we create in relationships just to be accepted and so-called loved by the other. It was painful to sense the fear we all have to be in harmony with truth.
I didn’t know how to respond to all the lies exploding like a volcano inside of me. At first, I totally cut off from the people around me because I didn’t want to feel their fakeness. Then I got angry at myself, at others and even to the wind for showing me all these lies while I was just in such peaceful state!It became really fiery inside of me. I was mixed up between crying or screaming. There was no place to run away to. Whatever I would do, the lies would stay brightly exposed. Because I was in a temple, there was no possibility to make a tantrum, the only way was to keep silent, so I did.

At some point, I arrived in a place where the wind again shook my entire being. I heard: “The only way to dismantle a lie is with Joy, not with judgment.” Was it the clouds, the birds, the sun speaking? I have no idea. I just know that the sentence blew away everything in me. I was left in a total empty state, no thought, no emotion, no movement. A waterfall of Joy came washing all the judgments in me. I could see, feel, sense my inner and outer world from a new state. The lies were still there, but I could see them through a heart radiating Joy, and this changed my whole response to them. An inner intuitive intelligence woke up which could respond to the lies with such compassion, creative and transformative insights.

Yes, we do entertain many lies. We involve a lot of vital energy into them, but now I know how to dismantle them with Joy, instead of approaching them with a fight born out of judgment. It has a tremendous impact on my relating with myself and others.

At the moment, I am preparing to start the year process of the Path of Awakening in The Netherlands. I have to giggle inside every time new insights come up from the Land of Joy which has revealed itself to me in this precious temple in Peru.
I am impatient to share with you all these new insights because I am aware of the benefit of their powerful energy of reshaping our way of living. Living in Truth starts by accepting the lies with Joy. From there a process of transformation takes place which opens a foundation for love and consciousness to shine within us…

Our next two retreats are almost fully booked, but we have few places for the ones of you who would like to open themselves to Joy and Truth.

Some places for women:
Orgasmic Body 4 – 7 April
Some places for men:
Initiation Space 11 – 14 April

With love and a joyful prayer of gratitude,


Laughing at the Face of the Stupidity

“Blue represents emptiness. Through taming your mind you may attain insight to find liberation from ignorance.
Ignorance is the root of the remaining four emotions described in this set:
Anger, Attachment, Pride and Jealousy.
This is the freedom of wisdom, symbolised here by the bud of potential.”

Tashi Mannox
© Copyright 2019

Wake Up!

Best Wishes 2019: Wake up!!

New year is a time where we set new intentions for the year ahead.
What if for 2019, your longing to wake-up would be your main one? A loving intention without goal or ambition but with a clear direction.

Wake-up from lies, from misguiding, from judgments, from our greed, from social and religious conditioning that narrow our perception of reality and of ourselves, from self-deception…

Wake-up to our potential of consciousness, of love, of beauty, of creativity, of sharing, of, caring. Wake up to our responsibility of manifesting a world of harmony, of beauty, of equanimity…

What about we all support each other to wake up instead of detaining  each other into blind political concepts, outdated religions, destructive ways of relating, disrespect of the environment, over consumption etc.

Since 2011, WildTantra is making great creative effort to support the awakening of mankind, offering The Path of Awakening.This program offers eight retreats where we share methods and situations for all of us to wake up and to grow out of our sleepy lazy state. Every year, the program gets reviewed, transformed, refined in order to offer the most adequate ways of awakening.

In 2019, the program gets enriched with a new retreat: Third Eye retreat, We investigate mysterious and yet pragmatic methods to activate the pineal gland for us to finally see instead of just look!

This Path does not guarantee awakening, but we do guarantee a space where you cannot escape  anymore from waking up!

If you feel like to dance the Path of Awakening with us, there are  still a few places left for the ones who are tired to sleep and who want to celebrate life to its highest peak of love and of consciousness.

For the year to come,
I wish you a clear joyful intention to awaken!

With love and gratitude,

ArtWork:  Tashi Mannox © Copyright 2019