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The Frequency of Orgasm is Consciousness

Are you one of many to believe orgasm will solve all your problems?
That it will make your relationship better?

That it will make you happy forever?

I have to admit that I was one of them!
About 25 years ago, I struggled with experiencing orgasm.
I decided to step into the path of sexual de-conditioning,
de-armouring of my genitals and body so I would be happy ever after! It was an amazing journey. And finally, I did reach the orgasms I was looking for. What a joy!!
And yet, I was still fighting with my boy-friend, I was still jealous, and I was still a bitch!
The fact that I was able to reach orgasm didn’t solve anything!
For sure, it made me feel more relaxed and happy for a while, but the demons would come back very quickly!

So what was going wrong? Was it me? Was it the orgasm?
Is orgasm insignificant or is there really something valuable in it?

I decided to dive much deeper into the phenomenon of orgasm to understand what it is truly about. This is certainly the most profound and interesting road I ever took! At first, I observed that at the moment of orgasm there is a black out, the same one we have in deep sleep. We are gone somewhere but we have no idea where we have been. The only thing we notice is that when we come back, we feel rejuvenated and we feel extremely good and clear. When I started to notice the black out, I took the challenge to stay awake at the moment of orgasm. It took a while and lots of experiments. But I did succeed, and I made some major discovery: Orgasm is not only a physical phenomenon of high pleasure but a vibration which aligns to the frequency of consciousness.

The core frequency of orgasm is consciousness. Like the core of deep meditative state is consciousness. From there everything changed in my approach to sex, to orgasm. The pleasure of orgasm became secondary, like in the background, while the space of consciousness became first priority for me to dive into.
Now, while building up orgasm, I know I build up energy to raise myself to the frequency of consciousness. When Orgasm happens, I am at the peak of consciousness and not only at a peak of pleasure.

I learn to maintain myself in that frequency long after the orgasm has left my body. I practice staying in that frequency in my daily life, in my actions, in my relationship. And now, orgasm is truly a source of transformation, a deep meditative state, a place where I get to know myself.

Sex, orgasm, lovemaking in the Tantric scene is very much commercialized because sex sells. I do not want to promote this.
I do not want to sell sex for Tantra.

Sex is fun, it is beautiful, but it is far from Tantra.
And it took me long time to get it!! Only when I finally reached the centre of orgasm, I did understand what Tantra refers to when it speaks about non-sexual lovemaking. In order to reach the frequency of consciousness, vibrating at the centre of orgasm, one needs to let go of sexuality, otherwise you stay stuck in the nice, juicy side of sex. You never enter the temple. You stay outside enjoying the beauty of the temple without encountering the divine dwelling in it. And this divine is you in a high state of consciousness.

At WildTantra, we offer a few retreats to open up your body, your sex, your perception, your watcher to orgasm. Hopefully after reading the text above, it will become more clear what we are offering. Yes, you will discover how to build up orgasm, how to make your body vibrant with energy. Yes, it will definitely make your sexual life better. It is important you have a fulfilling sexual life, so we support you there. And we take a next step – the most important one – which is to have a conscious life.

For all these awakenings, we move in a few steps during two retreats:
In the Female/Male Orgasm Retreat:
– Open your body, your breathing, your genitals to orgasm
– Break down fear, conditionings, idea of sex
– Enjoy without shame
– Get in touch with your energy

In the Silent Orgasm Retreat:
– Awaken the watcher
– Circulate your energy
– Clarify your intention
– Dive at the centre of orgasm to plug into the frequency of consciousness
– Letting go of the sense of separation
– Maintain yourself into high peak of consciousness in daily life

There are steps in between and there are steps which overlap. And it is not all so logical, which keeps a spark of spontaneity in the journey!

And the best is to explore it for yourself:

Some places for women & men:
Female/Male Orgasm: 5 – 9 June
Some places for men:
Silent Orgasm: 13 – 16 June

With love and a joyful prayer of gratitude,


“Cymatic pattern at 36,14 Hz plus flower of life to show the geometry.
This image shows “standing waves” which are created by using a signal generator.
Here you see the most clear “Chladni sound figures”.
Single frequencies are absolute pure sounds without overtones like they appear at music or voices. 
I use different sizesof water bowls so it might happen that a similar figure occurs at different frequencies. It is the combination of the size of the water-bowl the amount of water and the amplitude of the frequency which make the images occur on the surface of the water…”

Micheal Memminger © Copyright 2019

The Power of Joy!

The Power of Joy

About three weeks ago, we came back from Peru where we (the WildTantra Team) have gone through profound inner processes. We used our winter break to shift our attention to our inner world to clarify and heal issues in ourselves which required attention. In this way, when back in the WildTantra retreats, we can share from a more enlightened place.

I was touched by many beautiful insights, which have shattered many misunderstandings and opened up to new perceptions and points of view on how I relate with existence. There is one particular event I like to share with you:

After a few hours walking in a sacred temple with members of the team, while I was immersed in a prayerful space, a wind shook my perception of my inner and outer environment. Suddenly everything fake showed itself with such clarity; the way I act, I speak, I move, I think… and the way others show themselves, how they speak, how they think… It was in some way unbearable to see, to feel the depth of lies we all project consciously or unconsciously.
To realize how we construct our life, our relations, our work from lies just to avoid changes that truth asks us to make.
To see that we prefer to stay in the lies of social, religious conditioning because we are afraid to stand alone if we live from truth.
To feel the lies we create in relationships just to be accepted and so-called loved by the other. It was painful to sense the fear we all have to be in harmony with truth.
I didn’t know how to respond to all the lies exploding like a volcano inside of me. At first, I totally cut off from the people around me because I didn’t want to feel their fakeness. Then I got angry at myself, at others and even to the wind for showing me all these lies while I was just in such peaceful state!It became really fiery inside of me. I was mixed up between crying or screaming. There was no place to run away to. Whatever I would do, the lies would stay brightly exposed. Because I was in a temple, there was no possibility to make a tantrum, the only way was to keep silent, so I did.

At some point, I arrived in a place where the wind again shook my entire being. I heard: “The only way to dismantle a lie is with Joy, not with judgment.” Was it the clouds, the birds, the sun speaking? I have no idea. I just know that the sentence blew away everything in me. I was left in a total empty state, no thought, no emotion, no movement. A waterfall of Joy came washing all the judgments in me. I could see, feel, sense my inner and outer world from a new state. The lies were still there, but I could see them through a heart radiating Joy, and this changed my whole response to them. An inner intuitive intelligence woke up which could respond to the lies with such compassion, creative and transformative insights.

Yes, we do entertain many lies. We involve a lot of vital energy into them, but now I know how to dismantle them with Joy, instead of approaching them with a fight born out of judgment. It has a tremendous impact on my relating with myself and others.

At the moment, I am preparing to start the year process of the Path of Awakening in The Netherlands. I have to giggle inside every time new insights come up from the Land of Joy which has revealed itself to me in this precious temple in Peru.
I am impatient to share with you all these new insights because I am aware of the benefit of their powerful energy of reshaping our way of living. Living in Truth starts by accepting the lies with Joy. From there a process of transformation takes place which opens a foundation for love and consciousness to shine within us…

Our next two retreats are almost fully booked, but we have few places for the ones of you who would like to open themselves to Joy and Truth.

Some places for women:
Orgasmic Body 4 – 7 April
Some places for men:
Initiation Space 11 – 14 April

With love and a joyful prayer of gratitude,


Laughing at the Face of the Stupidity

“Blue represents emptiness. Through taming your mind you may attain insight to find liberation from ignorance.
Ignorance is the root of the remaining four emotions described in this set:
Anger, Attachment, Pride and Jealousy.
This is the freedom of wisdom, symbolised here by the bud of potential.”

Tashi Mannox
© Copyright 2019

Wake Up!

Best Wishes 2019: Wake up!!

New year is a time where we set new intentions for the year ahead.
What if for 2019, your longing to wake-up would be your main one? A loving intention without goal or ambition but with a clear direction.

Wake-up from lies, from misguiding, from judgments, from our greed, from social and religious conditioning that narrow our perception of reality and of ourselves, from self-deception…

Wake-up to our potential of consciousness, of love, of beauty, of creativity, of sharing, of, caring. Wake up to our responsibility of manifesting a world of harmony, of beauty, of equanimity…

What about we all support each other to wake up instead of detaining  each other into blind political concepts, outdated religions, destructive ways of relating, disrespect of the environment, over consumption etc.

Since 2011, WildTantra is making great creative effort to support the awakening of mankind, offering The Path of Awakening.This program offers eight retreats where we share methods and situations for all of us to wake up and to grow out of our sleepy lazy state. Every year, the program gets reviewed, transformed, refined in order to offer the most adequate ways of awakening.

In 2019, the program gets enriched with a new retreat: Third Eye retreat, We investigate mysterious and yet pragmatic methods to activate the pineal gland for us to finally see instead of just look!

This Path does not guarantee awakening, but we do guarantee a space where you cannot escape  anymore from waking up!

If you feel like to dance the Path of Awakening with us, there are  still a few places left for the ones who are tired to sleep and who want to celebrate life to its highest peak of love and of consciousness.

For the year to come,
I wish you a clear joyful intention to awaken!

With love and gratitude,

ArtWork:  Tashi Mannox © Copyright 2019